Delivers Mineral Water in Reusable Bottles in Hungary

  • 30 Jan 2024 2:03 PM Delivers Mineral Water in Reusable Bottles in Hungary, which has been at the forefront of environmentally conscious operation since its inception, offers mineral water that does not come in disposable bottles. It is an ideal choice for those who actively protect their environment.

Oonly replacement bottles can be refilled an average of 25 times before being recycled and recreated into refPET bottles. With this solution, the life cycle of a bottle is much longer than that of single-use PET bottles.

A single replacement bottle consumes 37.5 litres of water over 25 refill cycles, using more than 80% less plastic over its entire life cycle than a single-use PET bottle.

After redemption, Oonly replacement bottles are transported to the factory, where they are cleaned at high temperature and subjected to a germ-removal process, then refilled with mineral water and the cycle starts all over again.

The specialty of Oonly mineral  water is that it has an exceptionally high silicic acid and 54.5 mg natural magnesium content – 33 mg per liter – among domestic mineral water brands, and it also ensures continuous magnesium replenishment in its natural form.

For our body, magnesium is one of the most important minerals, essential for muscle, joint and bone health, while silicic acid is cell regenerating, promotes the renewal of hair, nails, skin and nourishes the skin.

Oonly products are available in 1.5 litre packages in non-carbonated and carbonated versions in the range.

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