30th Birthday Of Sofitel Chain Bridge Budapest, 21 June 2012

30 years. The time since the Sofitel Chain Bridge sparkles on the most beautiful part of the city, in the bank of the Danube in the downtown. The hotel opened its gates 30 years ago as Atrium hotel; the name came from the outstanding height of the lobby, which stretching for the sky at 8 floors high.

The model aeroplane is the symbol of the hotel; it is hanging from the ceiling, and amuses the guests every day. It is beautiful, especially at night with incredibly illuminated.

Honouring the anniversary the hotel wanted to surprise the guests, so they created the Atrium cake, the retro menu, which reveals the favourites of the 80’s in a renovated form. Of course, the discount offers and special programs can’t be missing as well. But what is the birthday without a party?

At 21st of June the rooftop terrace was full of people, they got Sofitel branded sunglasses and fans, so they were protected from the sunbeams, and they could listen for the speech of the new director, Philippe Godard. He said that he is very proud to be the leader of such an amazing hotel, and he would do anything to continue the success of this institution by following the extremely high standards of the luxury services.

During the event the guests could taste healthy foods, with freshly squeezed fruit juices, cocktails with champagne, and grilled meats. After the huge birthday cake the guests got earphones and the silent disco was begun.

Erika Náray was made the celebration even brighter with amazing songs and next to her, Gergő Rácz, Barbee, Gabi Völgyesi and her husband, Ádám Kovacsics represented the Hungarian music world.

The stars of the biggest Hungarian talent shows, Tibor Kocsis and Attila Kökény also visited the party. Vivien Mádai, Zsuzsa Csisztu and her family also enjoyed the celebration, and Ica Bíró was the happiest, because she found her blackberry plant on the little garden, which she planted last year at the Live the Fragrance party.

During the party everybody smiled because of the success that they achieved together with hard work, or because of the pride to be the participant of this special and important event. After the last champagne was opened, the silent disco became truly silent in the earphones, the guests only questioned one thing: how can this be surpassed on the 40-year birthday...we will see!

Meanwhile, the hotel waiting for anyone to cheers not only for the past, but for the coming successes of the future.

  • 21 Jun 2012
  • Xpatloop
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