IHBC Event: Doing Business In 2013

Keynote speaker William Benko spoke about “creating an environment to be engaged in, touch people’s lives” and “setting up opportunities for the next generation.” Another speaker Declan Hanningan talked about social media, “to use more than one tool to communicate, be creative, keep in contact and demonstrate your value.”

What I did take from this - and there were many thoughts of great value – was that being smart sometimes is not enough, you have to go the extra mile. Developing success is not always easy, but maintaining it can be equally or even more challenging. This put recession for me into perspective, reframed it.

This was about the opportunity of growth and not so much recession. It focused on passion, adaptability, embracing technology, added value and competitive advantage. The emphasis was not about looking back but about looking forwards. The event was concluded with a panel discussion which went on into the night.

Words and photos by Russell Skidmore for XpatLoop.com
After an extensive career in advertising - as an Art Director & Creative Director in London, Paris and Budapest for leading agencies - Russel transferred the skills and knowledge gained to the development of his own successful company covering wedding, event, PR and portrait photography: www.russell-skidmore-photography.co.uk

  • 18 Apr 2013
  • Xpatloop
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