Xpat Interview: Richard Vaughan, Former Principal, Britannica International School

  • 3 Dec 2014 11:00 AM
Xpat Interview: Richard Vaughan, Former Principal, Britannica International School
Prior to his move to Hungary, Richard Vaughan had worked as a teacher in a variety of different schools across the UK.

Richard was also was the Headteacher of two primary schools on the Wirral before moving to Vietnam where he was the Head of An Phu Primary at the British International School in Ho Chi Minh City.

His interests include running, tennis, golf (time allowing), reading, church and spending time with his family. He has moved to Budapest with his wife and two secondary aged children who attend Britiannica International School.

1. When did you arrive in Hungary and what brought you here?
4 August 2014. My first day at work was on the 6th. Prior to the interview I haven’t been here.

2. Have you ever been an expatriate elsewhere?
As an adult was in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) British International School. As a child I was born in Sri Lanka, New Zealand, later was brought up in the U.K so I was a real Third Culture Kid.

3. What surprised you most about Hungary?
How beautiful Budapest is, driving from the airport to the city is just a wow. It is the most beautiful city I have ever lived in.

4. Friends are in Budapest for a weekend - what must they absolutely see and do?
Visit the Parliament building by night, cross over Margaret bridges and visit Margaret Island.

5. What is your favourite Hungarian food?
I am going to go for Goulash which is a full meal with plenty of spicy paprika. Some other meals are also nice but not good for me!

6. What is never missing from your refrigerator?
I am enjoying fresh milk (lived on UHT for the last 5 years) and if fresh it lasted only 5 minutes.

7. What is your favourite Hungarian word?
The ones I most use are köszönöm and finom (related to food).

8. What do you miss most from home?
My home is where I am with my family. I see myself as British. Everything is relatable and understandable without too much effort. The reason behind me leaving UK was to broaden my view, to experience new things.

9. What career other than yours would you love to pursue?
Cutting grass – outside on open air, it’s healthy and there is no stress - appeals on busy days. Have a lot of other interests, too.

10. What's a job you would definitely never want?
Car salesman – would not wish to do it or to be a door-to-door salesman.

11. Where did you spend your last vacation?

12. Where do you hope to spend your next holiday?
I’ve been really privileged to fulfil many of my dream travels, but would like to go to Switzerland or Slovenia maybe.

13. Apart of temptation what can't you resist?
An invitation to spend time with my family.

14. What was your favourite band, film, or hobby as a teen?
Band / Singer: Status Quo / Phil Collins
Film: The Sound of Music ( was my first one in the cinema) and Cry Freedom – had a big impact on me.
Hobby: anything sporty: canoeing, sailing, lots of outdoor activities. (Duke of Edinburgh Award)

15. Red wine or white?
Red – but white’s better for me.

16. Book or movie?

17. Morning person or night person?
Night by nature, morning by necessity.

18. Which social issue do you feel most strongly about?

19. Buda or Pest side?
Buda boy :-)

20. What would you say is your personal motto?
Be the best you can be.
“Find out what you are good at and do it on purpose.”

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