Kata Soós, Hungarian Language Coach For Expats Professionals, Hungarian Citizenship Program

  • 14 Sep 2022 2:04 PM
Kata  Soós, Hungarian Language Coach For Expats Professionals, Hungarian Citizenship Program
As a Hungarian language teacher, she had the opportunity within the realm of certified university courses to gain experience and explore various layers and attributes of the language when she taught Hungarian to serve different people and purposes.

In particular Hungarian for diplomatic affairs or Hungarian medical terminology for those students who aspired to study at Medical School in Hungarian, among native speakers.

When covid came she felt the need to make a carrier adjustment, and she embarked on a new adventure as a teacher-entrepreneur.

1. What was your first experience living abroad?

I was an Erasmus student in Seville, Spain. I would have needed more time to feel like an insider, but still, it was once in a lifetime experience.

2. If you could be an expat anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

Northern Spain to discover the beautiful scenery.   Portugal because we’re said to be tuned in a similar way as the Portuguese people.

3.  What would you miss most if you moved away from Hungary?

 That familiarity that lies in understanding people’s tones, hints.

4. Your foreign friends visit you in Hungary, what would you do together?

 Discover new places, like small villages on the Northern side of Balaton which is on my agenda as well.

5. What is your favourite food?

Anything with full of vegetables - like főzelék as a quick dish on weekdays.

6. What is your favourite sport/form of exercise?  

One of them is definitely pilates. Through pilates you can discover the beauty of body in motion – an experience a lot of people lack. Also, I was lucky to be part of a wonderful dragon boat team - to be out on a lake with nature around you truly lifts your spirit.

7. What is your favourite city in Hungary?

Pécs, where I was born.

8. What career other than yours would you love to pursue?

A speech therapist or a voice coach. Accent reduction is one of my interests.

9. What’s a job you would definitely never want?

I truly admire firefighters and rescue teams but I would never have the resilience to act in such emergencies.

10. Where do you hope to spend your next holiday?


11.  What was your favourite film as a teen?

I was mesmerized by Luc Besson’s „BIG BLUE” back then, as well as the deep blue eyes of the protagonist.

12. Apart from temptation what can't you resist?

A savoury snack: pogácsa. Anytime, anywhere, any occasion.

13. Wine or beer?

Both. A cold rose spritz or a nice wheat beer with a good chat with friends.

14. Watching movies at home or in a movie theatre?

I love art movies and the experience is the best when there’s no remote to rewind or fast forward the movie, your attention is exclusively dedicated to the film.

15. Which social issue do you feel most strongly about?

Gender equality, local communities.

16. What changes has Covid brought to your life?

I have learnt to appreciate the knowledge I had accumulated on my professional path, but I discovered my inner power to go on my way. That is, to teach Hungarian in a way that the language feels approachable and the use of language makes you more of an insider.

17. Cats or dogs?

Dogs. And especially my German boxer, Gini, who makes every day an adventure.

18. What is the pleasant ’side effect’ of your job?

I had the opportunity to explore the diverse ex-pat community in Hungary.

19. What would you say is your personal motto?

Minds are like parachutes they only function when open. (Thomas Dewar)

20. What is your why?

Vibrant colours and beautiful scenery to admire - in life, the structure that serves practicality - in teaching, growth mindset - in my environment.

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