Detective Raymond Pope is a detective of questionable morals, searching for his missing wife. His investigation leads him to the wealthy estate of the enigmatic Elizabeth Kane and her young maid Irina. Under Elizabeth's fascinating looks and aristocratic manners hides a terrifying secret,shared by her companion Irina. As Detective Pope finds himself perversely drawn to the powerful Elizabeth, bodies begin to surface, his inquiries only deepening the mystery surrounding Elizabeth's past. Pope's obsession grows so intense that he completely fails to anticipate Elizabeth's reaction to his intrusion into her dark world, a fatal mistake that might cost him his life and the lives of those close to him.

Director(s): Wilhelm Liebenberg

Starring: Conrad Pla, Caroline Néron, Victoria Sanchez, Nick Baillie, Ilona Elkin, Sarah Manninen, Liane Balaban, Arthur Holden, Joey Pla, James A. Woods, Luke Bélanger, Kathleen Munroe, Yves Corbeil, Romano Orzari, Suzanna Lenir, Genevieve Sabourin, Conchita Puglisi, Valentina Rossi Stuart

Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Length: 107

Release date: 2004-09-24

Source(s): themoviedb


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