Mughal Shahi -The First Pakistani Restaurant In Budapest

  • 27 Dec 2010 1:00 AM
Mughal Shahi -The First Pakistani Restaurant In Budapest
A full halal menu is on offer at this spicy eatery in Buda. That's not to say all the food is hot, as the chef blends all his ingredients to produce incredibly aromatic and tasty delights. 'Spicy heat' can be adjusted to suit the taste of diners. As the owners are Muslims no alcohol is served, and the interior is basic but authentic. One visitor from Pakistan commented, "The food was wonderful. You can't expect any better thousands of miles away from home." Open 12 pm to 10 pm take-away is also available (as telephone number is at end of article). Example items from the menu, with prices, follow.

Lamb Karaahi - 2600 Ft.

Selected lamb pieces with bones sauteed with spices, fresh green chillies and tomatoes.

Prawn Jalfrezi - 2900 Ft.

Masterfully cooked of prawns with onion and capsicum, touch of thick curry.

Chicken Saag - 1800 Ft.

Boneless chicken pieces cooked with spinach A touch of tasty curry sauce.

Bhindi Bhaji - 1850 Ft.

Ladyfinger fried with onion tomato and species.

Pratha - 500 Ft

Whole wheat dough, layered with butter,

Naan - 300 Ft.

Whole wheat bread freshly baked"

Source: Pakistani Restaurant
Address: Budapest, 12th district, Városmajor u.57.
Tel. +361 2024488.

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