Xpat Opinion: Hidden Budapest: Gasworks Part 2

  • 18 Sep 2012 9:00 AM
Xpat Opinion: Hidden Budapest: Gasworks Part 2
From the bike (or car) road to the right of Auchan (Jegtoro u.) just before the intersection with the Infopark, one can see buildings that, from afar, seem to be in the same style of those I discovered a few weeks ago further down the road as part of the old Obuda Gasworks Residential Estate. On my way back from my bike ride yesterday I explored the area, and was correct.

 While several of the buildings have obviously been demolished for nice new apartment buildings by the Danube, quite a few of the old estate buildings are still standing and are occupied. If you go one street over you hit the Danube and a gorgeous quiet street lined with massive plane trees.

I followed this road to the end towards Budapest and came out across from the Audi showroom and Mozaik u. and the foot of the bridge that leads to the Sziget Festival. The entrance to the small road is not easily spotted, since it is screened by a low hedge and what looks like a derelict guard house for the estate or factory. Just ignore the no entry sign. It is clearly visible on the google maps street/satellite view.

A surprising number of people went to go see the Oboda Gasworks Residential Estate I wrote about last week, but had difficulty finding an entrance. From the bike (and car) road to the right of Auchan (Jegtoro u.) at the intersection with the Infopark (Zahony u.?), take a left. Then take the second right. You will have the back of the Aquincum open air museum on your left and the estate on your right where you can enter at a couple places.

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