Ilike Organic Skin Care’s Founder & Organic Product Pioneer Passes Away At 87

  • 3 Feb 2013 8:00 AM
Ilike Organic Skin Care’s Founder & Organic Product Pioneer Passes Away At 87
Dánielné Molnár, lovingly known as "Aunt Ilike" (or Aunt Ilcsi in Hungarian) passed away on the 9th of January, 2013 at the age of 87. The Hungarian and international aesthetics society is in mourning. She dedicated her life to the development and advancement of natural remedies as well as the improvement of worldwide aesthetics knowledge and practices. This life long passion was embodied in the cosmetic product line “ilike organic skin care” branded under her name.

Aunt ilike grew up in the countryside of Hungary - a land blessed with fruits, vegetables and herbs that draw their succulence from the soil and thermal hot springs of the Carpathian basin long known for being rich in minerals and trace elements found nowhere else on earth. From these ingredients Aunt Ilike began creating organic skin care products in the late 1950’s.

Growing up in a family of herbalists, Aunt Ilike combined her knowledge of herbal remedies with schooling at Vienna's highly renowned Aesthetics School. Upon graduation with extensive study in biochemistry she immediately began work developing the product line branded ilike organic skin care line in the U.S.

Aunt Ilike believed, as her grandmother the village herbalist taught her, that what we need to maintain health and beauty could be drawn from nature around us. She dedicated the next 55 years working as an aesthetician, international educator, developer of organic skin care products and flag bearer for the natural and organic movement. She often spread her wisdom through mainstream media -- even as a weekly guest on the Hungarian television cooking program on Paprika TV extolling the health benefits of various vegetables and herbs.

Throughout her life she was bestowed countless awards, including: the Cross of Merit of the Hungarian Republic given by the President and Prime Minister of Hungary, Lifetime Achievement Award from The Hungarian Beautician Association, Award for Natural Medicine, and many more.

Aunt Ilike's products have been enjoyed for 55 years by generations and today are available in 45 markets worldwide. “We at Szep Elet are very proud to have been associated with Aunt Ilike's work and to have learned and benefited from her wisdom,” said Szilvia Hickman, SVP of Szep Elet, exclusive distributor of ilike organic skin care. “We are proud to continue carrying on her legacy and mission of providing all natural and organic remedies,”

As the company enters its 55th year, loyalists of the brand will continue to experience the company’s commitment to providing true organic skin care products that was the unique vision of Aunt Ilike.

About Ilike organic skin care by Szép Élet:
ilike organic skin care offers a feast of organically certified products packed with vitamins and minerals to nourish your skin. Each product is made in small batches from organically grown and handpicked herbs, fruits and vegetables containing the highest possible levels of natural active ingredients. Using handmade pulps versus extracts, the natural ingredients retain the full concentration and power of the herbal ingredients. This process results in an immediate experience of the rich, deep penetrating effects of the products as well as the magnificent aromas and natural colors.

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