Invitation: Főzdefeszt 5., Budapest, 7 - 9 June

  • 28 May 2013 9:00 AM
Invitation: Főzdefeszt 5., Budapest, 7 - 9 June
Twentieth century beer-marketing has done great efforts in order to convince everyone that beer is a summer-drink, while we know it was even banned to brew beer in the summer before the invention of mechanic cooling. In the winter, we spend our efforts to convince open-minded beer drinkers about the opposite, but now its summer so we raise our glasses to Carl von Linde, the inventor of artificial cooling.

We’ve been terrorized by marketing-guys to associate sunshine, youthfulness, happiness to some cheap light beer on extreme low temperature – so we don’t feel the usual off-tastes of industrial beer. So being fed up with being terrorized, we decided to terrorize back, and convince everybody to drink weissbier in the summer – because weissber has all the beautiful tastes of summer and sunshine. Plus a very important taste: citrus!

So we would like to point out how pointless it is to add a lemon-wedge to something that already has a subtle citrusy taste. The lemon-slice is there to enhance the taste of a poor-quality weissbeer that lacks citrusy tastes of its own. But spoiling a good weissbier with lemon is like sprinkling sugar on chocolate.

In spite of the fact, that Bavarian Weissbier is brewed – to a great extent – from Hungarian wheat, Hungarian brewers have not really mastered the art of brewing a good wheatbeer – that is: until now.

Főzdefeszt 5. is proud to present a line of new craft-weissbiers from Hungary, including Six Fingers Weisse from a newly found Budapest brewery – Legenda. Stari from Tapolca brewed an elegant weiss, called Stari White Horse Búza. Last year’s Brewery of the Year, Bors from Győrzámoly was brave enough to think out of the box, and brewed a not easily categorizable honey-weisse: the Marian Maid. One of our most exciting young brewers has also found his brewery – Hopfanatic comes to the festival with a weissbier IPA, which is called Hopfanatic White Hops. We also present zip’s weissbier from Hungary’s leading high-tech brewery: zip’s from Miskolc!

You can taste all the premier weisses at Léhűtő’s stand, the new craft-beer bar in Gozsdu, opened under the professional supervision of Főzdefeszt. We also present some breweries that has not exhibited at Főzdefeszt before, and we proudly present all the new special beers, our brewers have brewed up throughout the long cold months.

Honey Köleses, Grabanc Hopaocolypse, Rizmajer Maibock, Kapucinus Söröstyén are just a few of the premiers taking place in Főzdefeszt!

We also have some new guerilla-brewers who will sell their beer at Élesztő – Budapest’s new ruin-pub selling craft-beer from 17 taps in Tűzoltó street.

So get out of the room and drink some weissbeer, but beware, if we catch you with a lemon-wedge, we’ll knock it out of your hands! Have a happy summer weizen-terror!

The festival opens at noon and closes at midnight every day. There is no entrance fee.

The festival is open from 12 to 24 every day.

Venue: from Mikszáth Kálmán square to Szabó Ervin square, Budapest, VIII. District, Józsefváros

List of presented beers:

Armando_otchoa: Grabanc Hopaocolypse

Bázis Sörfőzde: Odilia, Rocket

Bors: Tuck Barát, Sherwood Ale, Little John, Anonymus, Marian Maid

Békésszentandrási Sörfőzde: Csattanós Meglepetés Sör, Békésszentandrási Meggyes sör, Békésszentandrási Szilvás sör
Ogre Söre

Brandecker Sörfőzde: Brandecker Világos, Brandecker Barna, Bodzás Barna, Bodzás Világos, Márton Szűretlen Pils, Narancsos világos

Csobánkai Kézműves Sörfőzde: Csobánkai Öregsör, Fekete Bárány, Fekete Mária

Domján Sörfőzde: Domján Világos, Elefánt Barna, Meggyes Sör

Fóti Kézműves Sörfőzde: Keserű Méz, Fóti Zwickl, Fóti Pils, Sörapu Narancsos-Mézes Gyömbérsöre, Hammurappi Gold +21

Gyertyános: Elixir 18, Hámori meggy, Hámori banán, Hámori keserű csoki, Hámori világos

Hara Punk: Mi újság Wágner úr?

Hopfanatic: Splash , Bitterfly, White Hops, NoHopLimit

Kaltenberg: Kaltenberg Vörös, Kaltenberg Szűretlen Világos, Kaltenecker, Rozsnyói Porter, Kaltenecker IPA, Limet Weizen

Kapucinus: Kapucinus Világos, Kapucinus Barna, Kapucinus Söröstyén

Kárpi: Kárpi szűretlen búza, Kárpi világos, Kárpi szűretlen világos

Kissler: Kissler Világos, Kissler Barna

Köleses: Köleses sör, Dupla Köleses Sör, Mézes Köleses Sör

Legenda: Olaszházi Meggysör, Olaszházi Bitumen, Olaszházi Brutal Bitter, Pokerface IPA, , Jokerface IPA, Sixfingers búza, James Brown Ale, Kelet India Társaság IPA, Diesel Light IPA, Tripla X Trappista

Lehmann Sörfőzde: Lehmann Világos, Lehmann Barna


Palóc: Palóc Világos, Palóc Barna, Palóc Búza, Palóc Vörös

Rizmajer: Szebeni Világos, Rizmajer Gyömbéres Világos, Rizmajer Cingulus Porter, Rizmajer Kukoricás Cortez, Rizmajer Konyakos Meggyes Sör, Rizmajer Maibock

Serforrás: Serforrás világos, Serforrás barna, Paracelsus, Serforrás IPA, Korty

Sörök a Möszjö vedréből: Ms. Wheeler Porter

Stari: Stari Premium Pils, Stari Kriek Meggysör, Stari Szilvás Sör, Stari White Horse Búzasör, Stari Ír Vörös

Szögedi Sörfőzde: , Szögedi Ászok, Szögedi Pils, Nyári Boszorkány, Red Devil

Tibeer: Dühös

zip’s brewhouse: zip's weissbier, zip's ESB, zip's saison, zip's golden ale, zip's american pale ale, zip's imperial stout,

Zsombói Häfen: zsombói Häfen Világos, zsombói Häfen Vörös

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