Buy Wilkinson's British Sausages In Budapest

  • 7 May 2013 9:00 AM
Buy Wilkinson's British Sausages In Budapest
Ideal for a summer BBQ, these high quality ‘bangers’ in Budapest are available for home delivery. Options include Plain Pork, Lincolnshire, Cumberland, O'Connell's Irish Tomato Chipolata, Wild Boar and Cranberry and Cocktail sausages.

Made locally in a state of the art facility, with grade A pork and a meat content of 85%, David Wilkinson makes fresh sausages and delivers then to many homes in Hungary.

To the delight of many expats in Budapest Mr. Wilkinson has just announced he is now offering Italian Turkey Sausage with fennel, plus 100% Beef Burgers, read on for the juicy details:

Italian Turkey: For those of you who like a healthy choice. A spicey sausage made with a dash of fennel 3700ft per kilo

Plain Pork: A traditional pork sausage made with a simple salt and pepper seasoning 2700 ft per kilo

Lincolnshire: A popular herby sausage made with plenty of sage 2700ft per kilo

Cumberland: Made with pepper herbs and spices, for those that like their sausageto bite back. 2700 ft per kilo

Italian Pork with Fennel: A tasty Italian sausage made to a traditional recipe. 2700ft per kilo

O’Connell’s Irish: Made with a dash of allspice and cayenne pepper for extra bite 2700ft per kilo

Tomato Chipolata: Popular with the kids, a thinner smaller sausage made with tomato 2700 ft per kilo

Plain Chipolata: a thinner sausage available in Cumberland or plain pork, this varies weekly 2800ft per kilo

Kids Chipolata. Lighter on the salt and pepper for those with a delicate palate 2800ft per kilo

Sausage Meat: Been dreaming about sausage rolls, dream no more. 2700ft per kilo

BBQ Spare Ribs: these have been tried and tested by my American friends to get the authentic spicy hickory smoked flavour. 2700ft per kilo

Beef Burgers: Nothing but 100% pure ground beef goes into these burgers, plus a dash of seasoning to give that unique Wilkinson' flavor 2250ft per half kilo pack of 4 burgers

Guidelines Wilkinson’s Sausage is currently available for home delivery.

To place an order or to be included on the sausage list please e-mail by clicking here

Please include your delivery address and contact details.

We deliver in multiples of 1 kilo.

Order 3 kilos or more and delivery is free, otherwise a charge of 1500 HUF will be made.

There are roughly 10 large sausages to the kilo and 20 BBQ/Chipolata.


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