Paper Tiger Budapest: Amazing Asian Restaurant, Free* Home-Delivery

  • 19 Sep 2013 12:30 PM
Paper Tiger Budapest: Amazing Asian Restaurant, Free* Home-Delivery
'Papir Tigris' has an excellent eclectic menu serving up the most popular Asian dishes, including great sushi, noodles, stir-fried dishes, dim sum, and also some amazing desserts. It's located in the 3rd district of Budapest and has over 50 menu options; catering to anyone who's a fans of well priced and freshly prepared Asian cuisine, including vegetarians.

Papir Tigris also has a convenient home delivery service with a low cost for numerous districts (200-600 HUF); and the following districts are free*: I, II, III, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, XII,XIII, XIV, XI/A. So now anyone can afford to enjoy a wide variety of Asian delights at home or at work. Home delivery takes about 60 mins depending on the district, and HUF 1000 is the minimum order to be eligible for the service, which is available from 10:30am till 10:30pm.

Example dishes from the menu:

* Asian chicken salad  -  1450 HUF
* Asian wraps with crispy prawn -  890 HUF
* Steamed BAO with Teriyaki duck -  390 HUF (recommended)

* Spicy Korean beef soup 540 HUF
* Vietnamese chicken soup - 540 HUF (recommended)
* Laksa soup with tigerprawn 850 HUF

Main courses:
* Mogami sushi set (2 salmon, 2 tiger prawn, 2 butterfish, 1 omelette, 1 squid) 2280 HUF (recommended)
* Lunch Box 2: fried noodles with teriyaki chicken, giant spring roll, green salad with smoked tofu, deep fried chicken wing -  1890 HUF
* Lunch Box 3: Stir fried rice with tigerprawn and pineapple, Crispy squid, Edamame bean, Vega BAO 1890 HUF

* Mochi - 290HUF
* Chocolate springroll -580 HUF
* Mango Tiramisu - 790 HUF (recommended)

More info:

Address: 1037 Budapest, Bécsi út 170.

Phone: +361/ 235 0490

Words by ShuanDan Lin for

Intern Editor: Réka Lodinsky

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