Now On: Hello Wood - Installation, Palace Of Arts Budapest Until 18 November

  • 23 Oct 2013 7:30 AM
Now On: Hello Wood - Installation, Palace Of Arts Budapest Until 18 November
iWood is a music sharing device that enables people to listen to music on a cell phone together. The furniture that looks like a gramophone horn is a thin tube on the one end and an armchair on the other. The installation is built up of mobile elements so the chairs can be arranged in pairs or in a group, and they can be positioned so that the people are facing eachother, sitting next to eachother or seperated. The acoustic cell phone dock, loudspeaker and soniferous is at the same time an experiment to find out, how wood can be used to convey sound.


Tomasz Szponar, Bartłomiej Skowronek (Moomoo Architects)

Team: Gellert Olle, Dorottya Czako, Dalma Kato, Ilka Demeny, Julia Anna Thurnay, Fetten Sophie Charlotte, Luca Petranyi
According to the creators, the biggest challenge in our lives is that the globalization, the digital world and our fasted lifestyle made us forget our ability to live an “easy life”. Their goal is to help us find our way back to our senses. The architects created a place where our senses spring back to life and where our hearing, touching, smelling and moving melt into one whole experience that creates an intense connection between poeple and nature. The installation is a gate standing on the footpath between Kapolcs and Csoromuszta.

Mill of Mordor

Nandor Nagy and Bulcsu Szabo (BLOKK Architects)
Team: Aron Imeli, Laszlo Tarcsi, Ivett Pasztor, Lukasz Pienczykowski, Jochen Jürgen, Simon Warne, Niki Dendel, Dalma Kato

The architects wanted to tame the wind tunnel of Csórompuszta with their wind power station that not only offers a visual experience but also reflects on sustainability and the use of natural resources. The installation is built up of 24 compact sheets, arranged rotational symmetric in two spiral arches, it is 6 metres high and stands on a 2,5x2,5 metres footing.


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