Free Hungarian Language Courses In Budapest

  • 12 Feb 2014 8:00 AM
Free Hungarian Language Courses In Budapest
Thanks to the Hungarian Ministry of Interior and the European Integration Fund (EIA/2012/1.1.1) more and more third country nationals are able to learn and speak Hungarian, to integrate and find a job easier after completing the free Hungarian courses offered at Tudomány Language School.

Free learning materials and free childcare was available for students.

In order to help our students remember what they learnt in school, in addition to classroom lessons they participated in several programmes including visits to offices, cultural and fun activities:

- visit to the Office of Government Issued Documents
- visit to the Employment centre
- Visits to Matthias Church, Fishermen’s Bastion, Budapest History Museum, The Buda castle area, riding the cable car
- Boat trip to Szentendre
- situational activities including ordering in a café/restaurant
- eating ’lángos’
- learning Hungarian folk-dance
- Halloween party
- St. Martin’s Day celebrations
- Dinner of Nations
- visit to the Christmas market in Vörösmarty Square to learn about Hungarian folklore and participate in funny activities

Students passing their final exam successfully were presented with a book on Hungary.

 * 12 months
*  14 groups (2 groups exclusively for women)
*  215 students

Student feedback:

„Studying Hungarian at Tudomany Nyelv Iskola has been an exciting experience for me. I will highlight the following aspect that makes this language school outstanding:

Teachers here are remarkable and the applied methodology is effective. Having worked as teacher myself, I can recognize the devotion of gifted instructors to their subject and students as well as assess the success of teaching methods.

In the process of language acquisition, we have been role playing, working in groups, participating in fascinating and developing extra-curricular activities during holidays as well as using Hungarian during special enriching and entertaining classes, outside the school, at shopping malls and the Christmas market. Notably, we also had several intermediary tests and final examination that together help to improve and keep records of progress per each student.

With confidence, I recommend Tudomany Nyelv Iskola to my friends, group-mates from Central European University and colleagues and rest assured that the Ministry of Interior and the European Union will have an opportunity to continuously support such a great initiative! with best regards, Elvira”

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