See What Happened @ Mangalica Festival In Budapest

  • 13 Feb 2014 8:50 AM
See What Happened @ Mangalica Festival In Budapest
On a cold, wet Sunday afternoon, what better way to enjoy yourself than with some wonderful food and drink? And the crowds did come out to enjoy the annual Mangalica Festival. If you fancy a taste of a pig that came close to extinction just a few decades ago, the magnificent mangalica meat is said to be even tastier and healthier than regular pork.

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The festival is named after this delicious furry pig that is indigenous to Hungary. There are three mangalica breeds: blonde, swallow-bellied and red. They all have the same behaviour, the only difference is the colour. The blonde mangalica is blonde, the swallow-bellied has a blonde belly and feet with a black body, and the red is ginger.

This annual Mangalica feast featured Hungarian folk music and dance performances as well. There were also some live examples of this Hungarian heritage breed you could have a closer look at. These could all be enjoyed with some delicious palinka, craft beers and plenty of desserts to choose from. It was basically a big outdoor restaurant with something for everyone.

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