Finance. Truly. – What Does It Mean?

  • 18 Jun 2014 9:01 AM
Finance. Truly. – What Does It Mean?
UCMS Group has just prepared it’s first image movie, which concept is slightly unusual but that is why it is unique in the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry, as well.

What was the goal of the movie? “First of all we haven’t worked with this kind of marketing tool yet, and in addition we wanted to create something new, something special to be able to highlight the composition of the values which make us different from our competitors. This is not only an important element of our external communication, but we also wanted to use a powerful way of HR and internal communication tools.”– declared Béla Kakuk, Managing Director of UCMS Group Hungary.

The „work” started with an executive management training with the goal to collect all the values which we wanted to show in our movie, Krisztina Benkő, HR manager of UCMS Group Hungary spoke about the sources: “We were confident that the most credible sources are our own colleagues. We did not want to involve an external agency into this mile stone of the process, it was important to have our own team’s opinion of the values. From the professional teams to across the HR and IT developers and the sales, each area was represented to give a complete picture of the views of our own employees.”

The following thoughts were the most important according to our colleagues:

“It's important to mention regarding our work style that we do not follow always the same scheme. The goal of our dedicated experts is to respond and react to all arising, diverse and specific needs of our clients and take part in their process development. Besides the professional expertise the team spirit, enthusiasm and motivation are the main components which characterize UCMS Team”. – summarized Anita Ócsai, Head of Accounting.

Jan Palmkvist, the Group CEO said a respective basic truth about teamwork, which has become one of the most common saying among all UCMS members: „All of us are smarter than any of us.”

“We believe that every day we have to provide the best. On the one hand, of course, because of the fierce market competition, on the other hand, the basic demand on ourselves, that the customer always has to be 100% satisfied with our services and our expertise. It is important to really trust our expertise, thereby minimizing their risks." – said Judit Gudman, Head of Payroll.

Last but not least, Enikő Kovács, Marketing Associate told us about the conception of the movie: “We were looking for a topic which is far from the payroll and accounting, we wanted to find out a unique idea. Shortly after we began to consider the topic of sport and pentathlon because we think it perfectly reflects the typical UCMS Group endurance and competitive spirit, our daily dynamic rhythm, and the complexity of our profession. We had help in the realization of our idea through McCann Erickson and the main character of our movie, Péter Tibolya, the pentathlon world champion. “

Olivér Huber and Mark Éry, the Production team of McCann Erickson highlighted that they were pleased that UCMS was open to jump out from the office atmosphere to introduce themselves in a totally different environment. The challenge was to create the concept and the scenes in line with the values of UCMS. „I think, it is a really unconventional and cool movie in the BPO industry.” – said Olivér.

Source: UCMS Group

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