ArtZone @ Sziget Festival Budapest

  • 17 Jul 2014 9:04 AM
ArtZone @ Sziget Festival Budapest
Sziget ArtZone is one of the most magical places of the festival, where you can be inspired or revive your inspirations by creating a piece of Art. Whether you are a real artist or never have done anything alike, you can try out many techniques and see what makes you have the most fun. The hippest art schools and designers, well-known old school and contemporary art groups, the coolest visual artists and nice installations will be there to make you feel as happy as a child.

Come and let yourself become Peter Pan! (Or Wendy:)

Concrete Rubber Duck, Sugar glass jewelry, T-shirt necklace, You in a comic book? Cool Installations and Painting. No, we are not out of our mind; just we already know what can be found on this year’s ArtZone venue. Everything, what is a little bit of art! The ArtZone is a diverse, welcoming, inspiring island at Sziget, where Szitizens can participate in activities, in various forms. Exhibitions, screenings and workshops every day. Here is a little teaser.

Our participants:

Ashtanga yoga class – Relax and get inspired!
In this yoga class we practice the first series of Ashtanga, but only until Navasana. It’s a great recreation and relaxation after a long day at Sziget, to search for new adventures re-filled with energy.

The Movin’ Gallery is an international art camp and exhibition in the left corner of the ArtZone island. Here you can try painting or you can draw on the canvases stretched between the trees, sheets, wooden boards, paper, cardboard or you can take a look at the exhibition.

You can become a billboard figure or a comic book hero with the help of the students of Visart. We re-make your own photos or we take new pictures of you in front of different backgrounds for a personal campaign to tell your opinion about the world.

If you had too much of the festival, here you can prepare for a rest and with Mylo Pillow you can make your self-made ‘’eyepillow’’.

You can participate in fine- and applied arts workshops with the teachers and students of one of the country's oldest art schools: Kisképző.

At Sziget you can also become an artist of Kréta Gallery. Several of Jurányi Gallery’s exhibiting artists will be holding workshops at Sziget Festival, to create art with the visitors. Participant artists on the workshops: Judit Fischer, Olga Kocsi, Zsofia Szemző, Zsuzsi Medve. With Olga Holy you can warm up with many workshops for eternity.

If you are interested in art, but you are better in theory, the cARTc Organization’s tent will be your favorite. Panel conversations are organized by young curators and art managers.

If you have two important thoughts, you can share them on the Stencilwall. Learn the technique with Medence Group and create your own bag -made out of old Sziget banners- with their help.

In the common set of art and coolness there is the BETON Workshop, where you can concrete jewelry for yourself or cast your favorite cookie out of concrete. Of course, don’t eat it!

We cannot miss video art from this year’s ArtZone. In addition to a lot excellent mapping and video artists’ work, we will host the installation of Be Rit, video artist from Berlin, to remember that the Wall is over for 25 years now!

If you've done something for the common creation, you can gift yourself with recycled textile jewelry in the Ooh my deer workshop. Deal, isn’t it?

You can be a hipster or a hippie; if you love arts you can’t be bad. This year's festival season’s hottest accessory is the bohemian floral headdress, which you can make on the workshops of BOTANIKA.

AGORA will be your place if bohemianism is not in your blood. It’s an international art meeting and
workshop, where you can take a look at the works of famous international and Hungarian artists reflecting works on each other.

Relax in the Ivanka Lounge! Wonderful concrete furniture, comfortable beanbags and good music guaranteed to complete the relaxation.

The Bigyó Művek’s candy-like jewels are also not edible, but you should come and make them. It’s rare that you can make glass jewelry. Here is the big opportunity: the master of Bigyó Művek and the glass klin moves to Sziget.

Paloma Workshops. Paloma is a contemporary creative project in the heart of Budapest on the mezzanine of the prestigious Wagner's house courtyard. It is a space to exhibit works by young emerging artists, a designers’ showroom, an open workshop sphere and event venue. From this base a designer moves to Sziget every day to entertain artistic-minded Szitizens with exciting and creative workshops.

This year, seven years old Art Moments aims to show a variety of contemporary arts and to establish interaction between each other. In their tent you can get a colorful, fragrant, picturesque, loud taste of Hungarian contemporary art.

Happiness is half of a tent at Sziget and in case you enter and do the tasks you are definitely going to leave happily. This practice place is a Sziget projection of the ongoing Happiness Weeks in Supermarket Gallery. Éva Szombat (photo) and Vera Vida (text) will present Happiness in the ArtZone, in its simplicity, humor and seriousness. Because happiness is like math, you just have to learn it.

Entering the ArtZone to the right you can meet Happiness and to the left you can get to know Szabolcs Králl’s world. On the walls you can find the Ganz series and all over the space there is the installation made ​​of objects found together with Koós Árpád, in which the main character is a spotlight headed robot. Szabolcs and Árpad are constantly creating during Sziget and by the end of the festival a new recycling installation is going to be completed as well.

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