Introducing Itoshii Restaurant Budapest

  • 5 Aug 2014 9:00 AM
Introducing Itoshii Restaurant Budapest
The concept of the Itoshii all you can eat restaurant in Budapest which is already successful in Netherlands was introduced by <a href="" target="blank">Ka Chai Pang</a> and it is the first one outside Netherlands. They have fixed menus: lunch is HUF 4.200 and dinner is HUF 6.490 and it is the same even at weekends. Kids pay HUF 3.290. The restaurant wants to reach average people so they wish to be affordable to everyone.

Itoshii is different from the other all you can eat ones since they are the first to introduce tablet customers to place their order.

The staff sets up the tablet and you can start looking at the menu straight away. You can always check your order, and after checking you place your order which stays on screen so it is easy to remember what have you ordered. Each person can order 5 items at a time and after you placed the order, food is being started to be served in a blink of an eye.

Since the restaurant does not want to waste food, they charge extra for the left items, HUF 300 for sushi and HUF 600 for warm dishes. You can enjoy your food for max 2, 5 hours in Itoshii.

The drink menu is separate because they want to keep in contact with customers and keep adding extra values to their stay.

You can also buy sashimi for an additional price.

They trust and like their products and they are using different flavours and sauces to make it outstanding sop even returning customers can get diversity.

Home delivery service will start soon.

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