Rainbow Therapy - A True Angelic Pampering In Budapest

  • 1 Oct 2014 9:00 AM
Rainbow Therapy - A True Angelic Pampering In Budapest
"More than ever, healing by using spiritual energy is becoming a natural part of our lives. Who of us would not enjoy a relaxing massage to combat the stresses and strains in this world of ours? We all would. But choosing the right way to do this is often problematic!

I would like to tell you about something called Rainbow therapy – a truly pampering experience.

Although introduced a couple of years ago, it is spreading its wings throughout Hungary. The touch therapy or soul massage exactly describes what the experience will be like. All a patient has to do is lie on a massage bed, close the eyes, relax and enjoy the gentle stroking of the therapist.

You can let your inner child enjoy a motherly caress. Inside us all we crave to be loved and pampered and in this often lonely and uncaring world this is something to be yearned after. The treatment greatly energises the body; according to those who have experienced it, it is worth a good 6-10 hours sleep. However there is much more to it than that. We should not forget the actual health benefits.

Let’s see what really happens during the therapy. Our body is surrounded by an aura, an invisible energy field. When we have negative thoughts or we run negative programs that we learned from our parents or brought from our previous lives, we accumulate “clouds” of negative energy in our aura.

If we keep “feeding” this cloud, it will get thicker and thicker and eventually cause damage to our physical body. This is why it is very important to periodically take energy cleansing therapies, as it can prevent a physical illness occurring in the first place.

During the Basic therapy, the therapist draws down a very clean 7th dimension rainbow energy to clean the aura and chakras present in the negative energies by stroking, then replacing them with the resonance of health, love and happiness. The therapy also triggers our self-healing abilities and brings little miracles into our lives.

Talking about miracles, there is still a bit more to it, although I am probably pushing the limitations of some people’s beliefs here. Young children and spiritual people with higher sensitivitymentioned that they could feel the presence and support of fairies and angels during the treatment. However, you do not have to believe in any of this to enjoy the pampering and the true benefits of this therapy, so give it a go anyway."

There are three types of therapy. The Basic treatment I have already described above. It takes approx 40-50 minutes. The Feather treatment is a karmic treatment which takes 70-80 minutes. It does not only clean the aura and chakras but clears out all our negative memories and feelings in our current lives or from our previous lives.

This time the stroking is done by using ostrich feathers rather than by hand as they can generate the tender resonance needed to go as deep as is necessary. Finally, there is the Mind tuning treatment which helps us to harmonize our thoughts and feelings.

This also helps to reduce addictive habits like smoking, drinking, jealousy etc., or simply to tune in to positive thinking mode.

Here is some feedback from patients who have experienced the treatment programmes:

“I feel like I had a six hour undisturbed sleep. Amazing feeling”

Some feedback from those who are spiritual healers themselves:

“Equals a good ten hours sleep. I cannot remember when I last felt so relaxed. It was very pleasant”
“I felt like my past have been erased, I also had an out of body experience. Amazing”
“This was unique. It felt like I was being taken to a very special place and that angels were stroking me”

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