This Year’s Christmas Candies From Tesco Won’t Stay In The Box For Long

  • 19 Dec 2014 8:00 AM
This Year’s Christmas Candies From Tesco Won’t Stay In The Box For Long
A marzipan dream covered in chocolate, of course at a reasonable price. The marzipan is made locally, using a lot of almonds; and in fact all of the ingredients are handmade. Why does Tesco finest Christmas sweet fondant taste so good? We asked the manufacturer for the secret. For a lot of families, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without these fondants on the table or under the tree.

They come in plenty of flavours. Some people are keen on chocolate, others prefer fondants with coconut, and some opt for orange-flavoured fondants. And if the fondant is made from good quality almonds, success is almost guaranteed.
Ildikó Stéhli, head of Tesco’s dessert-making department, tells us that they make marzipan locally, by hand, using a vast quantity of almonds.

Marzipan under the chocolate curtain

‘Different flavoured fondants for this year’s Christmas have been made from superb quality marzipan from the Southern Sea. This marzipan has a perfect oil content, which is the key to the quality of the marzipan,’ says Géza Wéber, head of the material preparation group.

‘The marzipan is checked for foreign materials which could prohibit its use and processing, and it’s also taste-checked,’ says Ágnes Újhelyi, quality inspector.

Fondants are made from Belgian chocolate and marzipan and are available with different fillings. This year’s fillings have been described by Ágnes Újhelyi as really fantastic ones: ‘They’re tasteful, they’re harmonic; Tesco finest is a premium category.’

So how does the fondant get its final shape and taste? Marzipan shells are filled with crème ganache and are run through a chocolate curtain. They then enter a tunnel, where the chocolate congeals and the surface of the fondant is crisped. Finally, each piece of fondant is packed manually, put in boxes one by one, according to Ágnes Újhelyi.

Special flavours for a special holiday

Tesco finest fondants have some very special flavours this year: there are fondants with salted almonds, others are filled with crème ganache, and as a novelty, there’s even a chocolate flavour with sweetener.

‘If we process good quality almonds together with skilled confectioners, then we will get a product of excellent quality’, emphasises Géza Wéber.

The firm is far from being a large industrial one; it’s still a boutique manufactory. A lot of time and effort is put into delivering a perfect product to the table. In fact, it’s as if Tesco finest fondants are made by a family firm for families.

They’re so confident in the quality that they can guarantee that Tesco finest fondants won’t last long at home before they’re eaten and enjoyed.

Did you know that?
Two hundred tons of almonds are used for making fondants each year in Hungary. The real quality of the almond is determined by the sb oil it contains.

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