Chaotic Launch For New Motorway Tolls In Hungary

  • 5 Jan 2015 8:00 AM
Chaotic Launch For New Motorway Tolls In Hungary
The new motorway toll system got off to a shaky start as new passes were not available by December 31, although drivers were to have acquired them by January 1, Népszabadság reports.

In addition, the computer system was overloaded at some sales points and crowds and lines formed outside some government offices.

Compounding the confusion, the M30 linking Miskolc to the M3 motorway was wrongly classified as a toll motorway. Those who bought passes for this road may request refunds.

Defence Minister and MP for Szombathely Csaba Hende also complained that drivers must pay to use a section of local road 86.

The road toll system is basically fair, but there are mistakes, in part because the introduction was rushed, Fidesz MP Gergely Gulyás told HírTV.

The Development Ministry has already decided to reconsider which roads are subject to fees at the end of January, HírTV reported.

The road from Budapest to Liszt Ferenc Airport is no longer free of charge, as a 200-metre section is subject to toll payments.

The urban and suburban transport association VEKE also objects that passes are required to use the bridges across the Danube at Szekszárd and Dunaújváros, although they are not linked to motorways.

Source: Hungary Around the Clock

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