Central European University Launches New Master’s in Business Analytics

  • 5 Mar 2015 7:01 AM
Central European University Launches New Master’s in Business Analytics
Budapest, CEU Business School and the CEU Department of Economics, in cooperation with IBM, will offer a new Master’s of Science Program in Business Analytics. In development for over two years, this state-of-the-art one-year and part-time program will start in September 2015.

The program is cross-disciplinary. Its aim is to develop the skills and competencies needed for creating value in a business setting from data analysis.

“We are excited to be launching this novel and quite modern program. Our new Master’s in Business Analytics is geared to the 21st century and fills a great need in our region and beyond, leveraging the considerable talent and skills residing in our community.” - Says Mel Horwitch, Dean and University Professor, CEU Business School. “The program also signifies forward-looking opportunities, and represents a pathway for fantastic careers in large firms, SMEs and the booming world of analytics startups.”

The program is especially anchored on and integrates knowledge from four disciplines: Economics, Management, Statistics and Technology. It provides students with the full spectrum of skills and capabilities needed for today’s business professionals and specialists for success in a burgeoning analytics arena.

“This new program complements perfectly our successfully running IT Management Master’s program. Graduates from our new Business Analytics Program are destined to become future business leaders and professionals responsible for managing and using data—an enterprise’s most valuable asset. Developing new products and services based on modern analytics and data, graduates of this new program will be able to build competitive advantage for firms as well as create new analytics startups.” - Says Achilles Georgiu, Senior Adjunct Lecturer and Program Director of MSc in IT Management at CEU Business School.

Students will gain deep familiarity with all major aspects of Business Analytics, with an emphasis on Big Data. They will be especially well versed in applications assisting business decision making and in understanding and providing solutions for pressing managerial and strategic questions. They will also be cognizant of statistic’s methodological challenges and the power and limitations of technologies.

Given the rapidly growing use of analytics of wide range of industries, graduates immediately should be in demand and ready to assume key positions of responsibility within their organizations. The program also offers exposure to entrepreneurship since many graduates may become entrepreneurs, starting new firms serving the increasing demand for Business Analytics.

“Budapest is the technology capital of Central Europe. Hosting research centers of several multinational companies and many successful Internet startups, the city is home to some of the best business analysts, data scientists and computer engineers.” – says Miklós Koren, Associate Professor in Economics and Program Director of MSc in Business Analytics. “Our city provides a stimulating environment for our students. They can learn from the best domain experts, interact with practitioners from our industry partners like IBM, and build their professional network at regular meetups and conferences.”

John Shattuck, CEU’s President/Rector commented, “We are very enthusiastic about our new Master’s in Business Analytics Program. Relying on the university’s deep expertise at CEU Business School, the CEU Department of Economics, the CEU Center for Network Science, and industry partner, IBM, CEU is in an excellent position to offer this program.”

About CEU Business School
CEU Business School educates leaders and entrepreneurs who transform the organizations they work with, or in, into innovative, responsible entities that bring value to the world, and who make these organizations engines of jobs and market growth in emerging and established economies and in underserved regions. CEU Business School was founded in 1988 in Budapest, Hungary by a group of visionary leaders headed by legendary investor and philanthropist George Soros. It was the first educational institution to offer American MBA degrees in Central-Eastern Europe. The CEU Business School is now the region’s leading business school and graduates are in demand at firms such as Citibank, Cisco, Ernst & Young, IBM, KPMG, Microsoft, and Procter and Gamble.

Visit www.business.ceu.edu to learn more.

About CEU

Central European University (CEU) is a U.S.- and Hungarian-accredited institution of graduate education specializing in the social sciences and humanities, public policy, and business. It seeks to contribute to the development of open societies in Central and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, and emerging democracies worldwide through an educational system rooted in the creative, critical, and comparative examination of ideas. CEU is an advanced center of research and policy analysis that facilitates academic dialogue while preparing its graduates to serve as leaders and scholars.

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