Jubilee Beer Festival - Buda Castle, Budapest, On Until 14 June

  • 12 Jun 2015 11:01 AM
Jubilee Beer Festival - Buda Castle, Budapest, On Until 14 June
Press release: For the fifth time the largest Hungarian Beer Festival opens up in the prestigious Buda Castle. At this four-day-long festival 200 different kinds and types of imported and local beer specialties are available - and for those who wish for lighter tastes the Cider Park offers relief. Besides the traditional and brand new larger and smaller brewhouses, this year the Belgian beer culture will be in the spotlight.

With no doubt the Beer Festival became an annual tradition in the life of Budapest with this fifth juiblee event. To celebrate such glamorous occasion even larger and more diversified beer offers, special gastro and music productions are prepared for all the lovers of beer and everyone who wishes to relax in such extraordinary venue and soothing atmosphere.

This year not only the beer, but also the music palette expands: on Thursday besides the Magna Cum Laude concert Mr Imre Rakonczai will put smiles on your faces. Friday's evening will be hosted by the Total Dance Festival, thus reliving the retro era with Dr Alban, Kozmix, UFO and Groovehouse is waiting for you! Saturday will be about popular music, with Nagy Feró and the Beatrice, and the Neoton Família entertaining us. On our closing day, Sunday, original jolly dance music will make all our legs and soul move.

The venues hosting the fifth Jubilee Beer Festival are the well-known, breathtakingly luminous Lion Garden and the prestigious Hunyadi Garden which functioned as a marketplace throughout history.

Lion Garden -
The garden, spreading for over 4000 square meters, is surrounded by the Hungarian National Gallery, the Budapest Historical Museum and the National Széchényi Library. Easily accessible by car from Palota street running beyond the Castle, then through the National Széchényi Library via elevator, or from the Szent György square, walking through the Hunyadi Garden.

Hunyadi Garden - The Garden was commonly used as marketplace in the Kingdom era of Hungary. Easiest to approach is by walking from Szent György square or from Clark Ádám square. Arrival from Palota street via elevator is also possible and last, but not least taking the 'Sikló'' from Clark Ádám square, a hoist from the bottom of the hill, is an excellent choice as well.

Guest Country - Belgium

At this fifth jubilee event we would like to kindly invite every beerlover to a journey into the heart of Belgium, one of the largest and greatest brewing country of Europe.

Not only the Belgian Kingdom's most excellent and less known drinks will be available, but also a snippet of the rich and exciting culture of Belgium. Belgian beers will be presented in a broad palette ranging from traditional lager, through the special lambic, to flamand red beers.

Travel - access

The Buda Castle can be reached by car, parking prices are according to the regional standard. To approach the venues, namely the Hunyadi and Lion Gardens we suggest the following possibilities for non-drivers:

Public transportation

From Széll Kálmán square: buses number 16, 16A and 116 till stop 'Dísz tér',
From Deák Ferenc square: bus number 16 till stop 'Dísz tér',
From Tabán region and Attila street: walking and using the elevator,
From Clark Ádám square: using the aforementioned Sikló or walking.

Drivers and taxi

6x6 TAXI - +36-1/666-6666
TAXI 2000 - +36-(1 / 30 /70)/200-0000
SOS Drivers - +36-30/496-0-496

SOS's professional drivers are available at the entrance, who will drive you and your car safely home for 4000 Ft within the borders of Budapest and for 6000 Ft within near agglomeration. For more information please contact them at the +3630-496-0-496 number. All drivers will be at the venue, thus available within 15 minutes.

Thursday: 15:00-03:00
Friday: 15:00-03:00
Saturday: 11:00-03:00
Sunday: 11:00-00:00


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