Discover Budapest’s Enchanted Jásdi Wine Garden

  • 3 Jul 2015 9:00 AM
Discover Budapest’s Enchanted Jásdi Wine Garden
By <a href="" target="blank">We Love Budapest</a>: When it comes to excellent Italian Riesling from Hungary’s Lake Balaton wine region, we immediately think of Jádsi Winery. Visiting this charming estate in the lakeside town of Csopak is always a serene pleasure, but now we can experience a bit of that feeling high in the forested hills of Budapest’s District XII, where Attila Jásdi opened a new wine bar in the garden of a 100-year-old family cottage.

This is a small, secluded, and exclusive location – visitors step through the gate to the appealing welcome of birds singing and an leafy environment, and after sitting down and choosing a wine (or fröccs spritzer) to drink, nothing else in the world matters beyond the calming atmosphere and the contents of each glass.

“I’ve been planning on opening a wine bar in Budapest after our success in Csopak for some time now. We always had great parties in the garden of my house, so it was obvious that I should open the new place right here,” said winery owner Attila Jásdi, who is working as a lawyer while carrying on his father’s love of wine.

According to plans, the garden wine bar will be open one or two days every week through this summer, as news of this place is still spreading by word of mouth. The setting can accommodate up to 15-20 guests at once, who could participate in wine tastings and dinners by appointment – after all, the wines are accompanied by some food, as well.

The place will prepare assorted tapas or some French specialties, but there might be multi-course wine dinners held here in the future, too. At the opening party, when the sun was already setting and small, colorful lanterns provided mood lighting, lamb curry with coconut milk landed on our plates.

As for the wine menu, the selection ranges from Furmints through Cabernet Francs to the aforementioned Italian Rieslings. The latter is especially worth mentioning, as Jásdi is one of the best-known Riesling wines of Hungary. “I want our guests to taste our wines, chat with me, my father, or the other winemakers, eat, drink, and have fun,” concluded the owner.

Jásdi Borbárkert
Budapest 1125, Kútvölgyi Road 57/A

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