Vodafone Hungary Gives Extra Data Allowance To New Customers

  • 1 Jul 2015 9:01 AM
Vodafone Hungary Gives Extra Data Allowance To New Customers
Press Release: Starting from July 1st, Vodafone will offer a one-off extra data allowance of 3GB to new customers. The extra allowance can be requested once for each number, and will be available until the end of September to be used in Hungary, via Vodafone’s broadband mobile Internet network, which offers 98.4% nation-wide coverage and provides access to the most up-to-date 4G services over an increasingly large proportion of the network, including the Balaton region.

With the one-off 3GB extra data allowance you could, for example, view 8.5 hours of video stream or 5 thousand webpages; post 8 5000 photos on Instagram, or even chat for 41 days without a single break. It would take the same data volume to download 457 copies of ‘War and Peace’, or to send an e-mail to each of Gyula’s 33 thousand inhabitants.

The one-off 3GB extra data allowance may be requested by all Vodafone customers; however, those who are using certain services that are subject to monthly fees and not sold any more, will need to switch to another package still on offer to customers to qualify for the extra 3GB data allowance.

In addition to the 3GB data allowance, in July customers with residential packages will be able to buy certain dedicated handsets at a price of 1 HUF plus an additional monthly charge of 1 thousand HUF, instead of the 2 thousand HUF monthly sum charged beforehand. During the term of the fixed, 2-year contract, this will allow customers to save 24 thousand HUF, which they can even choose to spend on purchasing a tablet, allowing them to receive Vodafone Smart Tab 3G free of charge.

For pre-paid customers Vodafone will activate the extra 3GB data allowance after the first top-up, while clients with new subscriptions will be able to activate the data option via the Mobil Vodafone application, now also available on devices running Windows Phone.

The Mobil Vodafone app can be downloaded to smart phones and tablets running Windows Phone, Android or iOS.

All information concerning the extra 3GB data allowance can be reached at www.vodafone.hu/3GB.

Source: Vodafone.hu

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