Brave Warrior War Game In Hungary Ends

  • 22 Oct 2015 9:00 AM
Brave Warrior War Game In Hungary Ends
The Brave Warrior 2015 war game involving army units from Hungary and several other NATO nations ended in the Bakony hills on Wednesday. On the final day of the manoeuvres, Hungarian T-72 armoured carriers and BTR vehicles joined forces with American Stryker armoured cars and Humvees to overcome a fictional enemy with the help of air support. Defence Minister István Simicskó, US ambassador Colleen Bell, Defence Ministry state secretary Tamás Vargha and chief of staff Tibor Benkõ viewed yesterdays action.

Bell expressed her appreciation for the fact that European countries “suffering a humanitarian crisis” are capable of carrying out such a successful war game.

The five American A-10 military aircraft that recently arrived in Hungary from the US 74th Flying Tigers Regiment will move to Pápa, Magyar Idõk has learnt.

The Thunderbolt planes will be stationed at the Pápa military air base and will fly from there to take part in war games in the Baltic states as well as elsewhere in the region.

Source: Hungary Around the Clock

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