Martin Day’s Wine Festival, Gellért Hotel Budapest, 5 – 8 November

  • 5 Nov 2015 8:00 AM
Martin Day’s Wine Festival, Gellért Hotel Budapest, 5 – 8 November
On November 5-6-7-8 Hotel Gellért organises the traditionally most exciting Martin Day’s event of Budapest. The Martin Day’s Wine Festival – already fifth in a row and now extended to four days – attracts visitors to the highly reputable and stylish hotel with the slogan „Wines-Geese-Spices”.

This time Gellért also prepares with a gastro sensation: the world premiere of the Peking goose and goose sushi.

The Martin Day’s Wine Festival gets started with beer
Organisers this time followed the advice of Hungarian proverb „wine after beer”: on Thursday – „Day 0” – beer is put in focus. One can taste beer cocktails, and historian Csaba Katona delivers a training course on beer – his presentations beat any stand up comedy. Also, „too many cooks will NOT spoil the broth” - Paul Mizener, Scottish chef and András Frideczky, chef of the Gellért Beer Cellar will delight visitors with Hungarian and Scottish culinary creations, as well as special hand craft beers.

Wine after beer
Next day beer is followed by wine. On Friday the selection of Wine and Market introduces the crown jewels of excellent wine manufacturers from rural Hungary – these wines are rarely found even on the shelves of specialty stores in Budapest. Saturday is devoted to the selection of the Wine Association, featuring the most outstanding names and most excellent wines. Unlimited wine and pálinka tasting is also joined by gastro exhibitors, including Aranyszarvas (Golden Deer), Bük Cheese as well as Zing Burger – by now known as token of excellence. Meanwhile, presenters at the training course on spices organised by Magyar Konyha (Hungarian Cuisine) introduce us to the world of Hungarian spices, and spicy Hungarian wines.

5 restaurants - 5 spices
Both days spices take the lead role. The wine dinner called „5 restaurants – 5 spices” features a sensational menu presented by Gellért Beer Cellar, as well as the very elite of contemporary Hungarian gastronomy: Alabárdos, Restaurant Viator, Mák Bistro and Laci! Konyha! Chefs Attila Bicsár, András Frideczky, Gábor Gyurik, János Mizsei and Gábor Mogyorósi present a single spice in their dishes, coupled with special wines personally introduced by Ági Németh, chief editor of VinCE Magazine and main organiser of the event VinCE Budapest.

Visual treats and extraordinary flavours: Suite Restaurant
Suite Restaurant, the new gastro genre created by Hotel Gellért last year will welcome visitors again, offering a marvellous view from the deluxe apartment, and presenting László Héjja, chef of Hotel Gellért bringing the magic of the East to life, with his gastronomic masterpieces. He will also have a guest: the internationally celebrated Oriental dancer Mercédesz Nieto. The next day, jazz singer with a velvety voice, Eszter Váczi takes guests back in time to the American Great Gatsby era – also happens to be the time when the hotel was built – coupled with excellent dishes, again.

Every evening Party time
Both days will end with an After Party: on Friday Sister Act, the concert of Vera Tóth and Gabi Tóth will take the stage, followed by DJ Garami, while on Saturday band Kiscsillag and Anima Sound DJ Set will provide excellent entertainment. During the After Parties, one of Hungary’s most trendy and popular wine bars, DiVino also welcomes the guests.

World sensation in Hotel Gellért
Sunday earmarks a gastronomic milestone; guests will witness a sensational world premiere. The Martin Day’s Sunday Brunch hosted by Gellért’s head chef will have two distinguished guests: master Wang, known for his surprisingly new flavour combinations, and the most famous representative of Japanese cuisine living in Hungary, Chef Maki – they will jointly prepare the world’s first Peking goose, goose sushi and goose paprika.

Entry for the beer training course costs HUF 3,490 while the price of the 4 course Scottish-Hungarian beer dinner, including entry to the beer training course is HUF 6,990. The one day ticket for the festival and the after party, including unlimited tasting and a tasting glass costs HUF 5,990 – while all these coupled with the „5 spices – 5 restaurants” wine dinner costs HUF 12,990. The price of a ticket for the Suite Restaurant and the festival amounts to HUF 14,990.

The telecommunication partner of the wine festival is Vodafone.

On November 5-6-7-8, 2015 in Hotel Gellért wirh unlimited wine and pálinka tasting  from HUF 5,990.

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