Five Best Street Food Joints In Budapest

  • 21 Jan 2016 7:50 AM
Five Best Street Food Joints In Budapest
Needless to say, Budapest is home of countless street food eateries. I could summarise it as the good, the bad, and the atrocious. Let’s focus on the good. I decided to narrow my selection to 5 joints. From the famous Burger to Serbian Cevapi, I think this selection will excite everyone. It was hard, I could add some places to the list, but let’s start with these five...


The most recent opening comes from Taiwan. Located at Szabadság Square 17. BAOTIFUL has succulent Bao treats. The Bao is a tender steamed bread stuffed with a long variety of fillings (Braised pork belly, tofu, chicken or Duck), The Braised pork is delicious, a bit small though (as bao in general), so you should add a beef or lemongrass soup and even a small (3 pieces) Dim Sum plate, then wash that with a nice choice of Asian Beers. I don’t recommend the rice plate, because it is just uncle ben’s rice, so they need to work on it. The rest of the menu is well conceived, with a good variety of flavors. If you are in the neighborhood, you really should spare some time to enjoy a Taiwanese treats.


There is a lot completion in Budapest when it comes to sausages (nothing salacious intended). Some of the bests are in Faszalade. This small place is located near the Basilica at Október 6 utca 6. Being too small, in winter time they share a place with Burger and love. To be honest the difference with other places is the quality of the meat and the flavors that Faszalade offers. The sausages are incredibly tasteful and a have a really small amount of FAT, which is wonderful when you have 2 or 3 sausages: you don’t really feel bad about yourself. From Beef and chicken to pistachio you’ll enjoy a hefty variety of flavors. Add fresh hot bread, mustard and beer…. You’re in Heaven.

Burger and love

We are flooded with them, and for most of them are terrible. Fortunately there are a few places where you can push the door, sit and enjoy. B&L is one of those places. It’s located near Faszalade, the same street actually easier to share in winter. They have some of the best burgers I hate here hands down. You can choose your meat, they have various races of beefs, chicken sandwiches, pastrami, so the choice is not that limited. The bread, veggies and sauces are added to your choice as well. Believe it or not for most of burger specialized places that I won’t address here having a good bun or decent cooked meat is too much to ask. Therefore, when my meat is red and doesn’t taste like it have been in the freezer for a year, and it is cooked well, hot and moist buns, cheese slowly melting… what else do you want?

Pola Pola

Balkan flavors are well known in Hungary: cevapi, pljeskavica and ajvar are very popular here. At Pola pola you can have a little taste of it in Klauzal ter. Down to earth food, not overcomplicated, where spices and meat rule. The cooks make their own bread, the lepjina which is a kind of pita. You won’t have the dreadful surprise of a sad looking and tasting bread. The meat is delicious, for the most part made of veal since it’s finer. Cooked on the grill in front of you, the unique charred barbecue flavor, smells like summer all year long. You might find the meat slightly dry, but with a beer and some delicious dips it’s perfect. Overall, a great place to spend some time with friends in company of Balkan delicacies.


I picked Karavan, for the choices they propose. It’s a street food court, that’s the concept, it’s pretty simple but it works. It’s located at Kazinczy u. 18 near the Szimpla. Since it’s a former parking lot there is quite some space, a large garden serves as a community garden. In summertime we can eat our burger or pasta under the starry sky, while in winter a heated tent protects you. So no worries. The kiosks are well-known, they welcome a new addition in Zöld Paradicsom which is a vegan place, Paneer, Zing Burger, and Kolbice among others participate to the success of Karavan. A success well deserves for most of the kiosks cook very good food. My favorite, I have to admit, still is I Ragazzi di Strada for the superb Italian food they serve.


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