Never Ever Will I “Roam” Again, Thanks To CitySIM

  • 20 Jul 2016 8:58 AM
Never Ever Will I “Roam” Again, Thanks To CitySIM
While everyone is waiting for the new EU regulations to be implimented, its easy to forget that the world does not end with Europe and this new policy will not solve the problem most business travellers and tourist have to face outside the EU borders.

I feel humanity came a long way to be able to say there are no true borders anymore. We can travel anywhere in the world, not just daydream of adventures.

With the boom of available technology we are not only free to be anywhere we want in a matter of hours, but we expect to be able to use our gadgets especially our smartphones like we were at home, laying on the couch.

Thanks to the efforts of the Europian Union, roaming charges will be unified in the next by 2018 and we can finally enjoy purse-friendly rates. But what is happening when we leave the EU? Well... if you have a serious case of wonderlust just like me, you could be spending a fortune – now, there is an alternative.

CitySIM – 197 countries, one simcard

International simcards can be the best solution for this problem and some of them are better than others. CitySIM keeps you connected in most countries and has the cheapest rates. Sounds unbelieavble, but calls within the EU from CitySIM are cheaper than calls between Top Up cards in Hungary. And while CitySIM is „only” a Top Up card too, the SIM never expires, there is no compulsory topup and users are not bound by contract. Receiving calls is completely free in 135 countries of the world. Calls and texts are an average 85-90% cheaper than with any local network provider.

Lets join CitySIM

The strongest selling point of CitySIM is that it works like one big network. CitySIM owners can call each other for €0.19/min. This tariff is available in 163 countries of the world – so if you are sunning yourself in Miami and your friend is doing business in Australia, you could call each other for €0.19 while receiving the calls would be completely free! This is almost as cheap as calling a Hungarian mobile number from a Domino/Vitamax account.

Anywhere you go, your family, friends and colleagues would get the same rates too – you and your business can save a lot of money while travelling just like before - even when the receiver is not on the CitySIM network.

Oh please please my Smartphone...! Please stay smart abroad too!

At this day and age it is almost unimaginable to only use our phone for making calls. Even when we are abroad, we want to use GPS, make calls on Viber, text on Whatsapp, share our journey on Facebook. Business travellers must have reliable access to their emails and systems even when they are on the road. We all heard stories about people who forgot to switch off roaming and in a couple of hours they were notified of their bill amounting tens of thousands of forints. Some of us even had to live through this dreadful experience.

Today it seems so natural to have internet everywhere – and while our home, houses of friends and the office are all equipped with wifi, we can’t expect the same connectivity while travelling. Most Cafes abroad offer free wifi, some hotels, bars and restaurants however charge a fortune for this „luxury”. It is not enough anymore to order a coffee so you can use the wifi for free for 3hrs and at most of these places the quality and the speed of the connection is anyway way behind of what we are used to.

With CitySIM we don’t have to keep staring at the screen hoping to find a wifi signal we can leach off from. With the roaming tariffs of CitySIM we can all save money and don’t have to worry about the unexpected charges. Naturally where there is good quality and speedy wifi for free, we can live with the opportunity and reduce our bill even further.

Lets just look at the numbers

We suppose that in the past your phonebill increased during one journey with an average 30,000 HUF when you travelled to the USA or Thailand. If we decrease your budget with 90%, and you would only like to pay 3,000HUF – about €10, than that is enough for 52 minutes of CitySIM calls to anywhere in the world, or 52MB of roaming or sending 166 texts. If you left your budget at 30,000 HUF, you would have enough money for 520 minutes of CitySIM calls, 520 MB to roam the internet or you could send 1660 texts. Comparing this with your previous bill I bet your jaw drops just like mine.

Where to travel next?

You don’t need to believe me... but next time you arrange your travel plans, check out how much does it cost for you to make calls and use roaming. Give a try to both CitySIM and the local network providers and compare how much you can save.

Visit the CitySIM website where you can chose your destination and see the wonders they have to offer:

I wish you a pleasant journey my friends!

Written by RK

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