Restaurant Review: Café & Pastry Shop Naspolya Nassolda

  • 26 Jul 2016 9:00 AM
Restaurant Review: Café & Pastry Shop Naspolya Nassolda
I will eat healthy snacks from today on! This is the motto of the pastry shop and café Naspolya Nassolda, which is the first vegan raw pastry shop in Hungary. Sugar, milk, eggs, flour or even an oven – none of them can be found here. Instead there are creative desserts and cakes tempting with unusual but healthy ingredients, convincing people with their fruity sweetness.

Vegetarians, vegans, fruit eaters, paleo addicts – our nutritional habits today are versatile like never before. However, one group of exotic eaters is especially trendy now – the raw food movement, or raw eating, to put it less attractively.

Réka Bárányos and Ádám Novák, who opened Naspolya Nassolda in District VI in December 2014, are two of the raw foodies. The couple switched to this lifestyle three years ago after reading a couple of influential books.

As Bárányos explains, one principle is especially important: “Nothing should be warmed over 42 degrees.” Over this critical temperature, which is only slightly above the human body temperature, valuable vitamins and enzymes are lost, Bárányos says.

Source: The Budapest Times

Republished with permission

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