Lenovo Yoga 900 – Power & Elegance

  • 10 Nov 2016 7:00 AM
Lenovo Yoga 900 – Power & Elegance
By Notebookspecialista: The Lenovo Yoga family features rather extravagant devices, and the 900 series, with Lenovo's transformer Ultrabooks is no exception.

In a previous post, we have discussed 2-in-1 devices in detail; the Yoga 900 family brings absolutely premium quality to this market. As Lenovo was striving to cover the entire scope of customer needs, the fold-into-tablet-mode notebooks are available in a wide range of configurations, making it a breeze to find your ideal arrangement.

While those who prefer tablets may find Core M chip setups enticing, devices for office use are fitted with more powerful CPUs, ranging as far as Core i7 units. Of course, your data is stored on a Solid State Drive (with potential storage space as impressive as 512GB), so you can access everything lightning-fast. Dynamic running of your applications is ensured by 8GB of RAM. QHD (or even QHD+) resolution IPS panels guarantee amazing screen brightness and viewing experience, while sizeable batteries see to it that you may enjoy as much as 10 hours of multimedia content with one charge.

The screen, which can perform a 360 degree turn, is attached to the keyboard with a full metal watchband hinge, ensuring extraordinary stability in every position and easy single-handed opening. Aluminum casing makes the devices absolutely massive and durable, yet keeps their weight only slightly above 1 kg, making them practically disappear in any bag.

Given the 13.3” screen size, the keyboard is far from crammed, and will not leave you wanting during office work. Besides, the Windows 10 operating system means running any of your applications seamlessly.

To recap what we said before, these Lenovo devices undoubtedly compete in the premium category, which comes with a corresponding price tag.

For that, you will receive a 2-in-1 notebook with a sleek look and sturdy materials, not to mention the robust hardware. The Lenovo Yoga 900 family is an ideal alternative for those who would rather not choose between a tablet and a notebook, and are looking for a highly portable and versatile device.

Source: Notebookspecialista.hu

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