Amid Security Concerns, SMEs Slow To Adopt Cutting-Edge IT Services

  • 6 Feb 2017 10:00 AM
Amid Security Concerns, SMEs Slow To Adopt Cutting-Edge IT Services
Although cloud services are gaining in popularity among local SMEs and larger corporations, this usually means they only use public cloud services, not designed for corporate purposes, to carry out limited tasks. The bulk of Hungarian companies don’t even go that far, preferring to stick to tried and tested (and often old) in-house servers.

“Fast-changing market conditions require a flexible and stable IT infrastructure. Using a private cloud or a complex data center infrastructure would bring about more security and it would provide a more cost-effective solution at the end of the day,” says Attila Farmosi, managing director of ACE Telecom.

The biggest barrier for corporate decision-makers is still the security issue. However, servers stored at a company’s own premises pose the real risk. A blackout of any duration could have disastrous business consequences, and even regular saving of documents does not protect against data loss.

Operational and maintenance costs also place a heavy financial burden on enterprises. By contrast, virtual servers need not be bought, operated or maintained, and users are also shielded against the threat of data loss.

Current state-of-the-art IT packages, for example, set up point-to-point microwave connectivity between workstations that accelerates and makes more stable the work process and allows workers to access network resources under the same conditions.

“Since we are aware of the security concerns of firms, a sophisticated security system has been established in our server room,” Farmosi explains. “The safety of data stored by us is ensured by two separate saving mechanisms.”

Another way to deepen customer confidence is to let users gather first-hand experience of the service.

“We believe in the importance of keeping things personal. Therefore, nearly all of our customers have been to our data centers, where we explain the operational mechanism of our system in great detail and also reveal how customers can benefit from its features,” Farmosi adds.

By Levente Hörömpöli-Tóth

Source: BBJ

Republished with permission

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