Recruitment Platform Launches In Hungary

  • 9 Jun 2017 11:00 AM Recruitment Platform Launches In Hungary
IT recruiting system is becoming available in Hungary from June, expected to offer a solution for filling approximately 15,000 empty holes in a local IT sector desperately seeking professionals, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal. is a bilateral online marketplace, which creates a direct connection between job-seeking IT professionals and employers. The system was launched in Prague in December 2015, and by the end of 2016 had become the leading IT recruitment platform in the Czech Republic, according to its creators.

Since February 2017, the system has also been available in Slovakia, and from this June has been working in Hungary with the presence of hundreds of Hungarian job seekers and advertisers.

The IT recruitment site offers a large number of candidates for companies without expensive service charges. Currently the platform has more than 10,000 registered job seekers, and this number is increasing continuously. There are 7,500 registered members in the Czech Republic and 2,500 in Slovakia, while in Hungary 500 IT specialists have already uploaded their CVs with the help of the system since its launch.

The creators of the solution believe that traditional IT recruitment methods are unsuccessful for both job seekers and employers. The website was created in order to establish a common interface that makes the process of selection more efficient for both parties.

“As in the case of the Czech Republic or Slovakia, I am convinced that our development can give a hand in the challenges of the Hungarian IT labor market, namely the management of the IT labor shortage, and in the ease of recruitment as well,” says João Duarte, one of the three founders. “We hope that after Hungary has become a ‘Techloop country,’ we will also be the first step in hundreds of successful working relationships in the Hungarian IT sector.”

The software offers anonymity, so that candidates who are currently employed can still use it safely. The use of the platform is free for job seekers. Applicants and companies looking for employees can easily arrange interviews through the system; furthermore, Techloop provides a clear-cut user experience without irrelevant e-mails and intrusive recruiters, the creators claim.

Another specialty of the recruiting platform is that it rewards professionals who get jobs through the system with a bonus of EUR 500. Based on aggregated data from the last two years of, applicants can expect salaries above average, at approximately EUR 1,800 per month.

Source: BBJ

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