7 Of The Best Spas In Transylvania

  • 31 Jul 2017 8:56 AM
7 Of The Best Spas In Transylvania
If you’ve ever been to Transylvania, then you know that there are some pretty jaw-dropping sights there. The lakes, the mountains, the old cities with castles are gorgeous, but you should try these spas too that termalfurdo.hu has collected.


Mountains and forests surround the Bálványosfürdő sanatorium, which is only a half hour drive away from Kézdivásárhely. Since the water here is rich in carbon dioxide and sulphur, professionals recommend drinking it as part of a curing process. There are some special treats here, like the dry steam baths or the mofettes, which are good for treating cardiac and vascular system problems.

This is one of the most popular baths of Southeast Transylvania: several Hungarian and foreign scientists and artists visited it during the past centuries. However, only a couple of the baths are functioning, but the renovation has already started. Another plus is the clear air, rich in ozone, the silence and calmness, and the relaxed spirit of the region.

Felix Baths – Nagyvárad

The Felix Bath is one of the oldest in Transylvania; the thermal water here is considered to be the richest in Europe. Over 17 million litres of 49°C hot water spring to the surface here on a daily basis, which is full of sulphur, carbon-dioxide, sodium and potassium. This water is excellent for treating rheum and muscle sicknesses, along with treating sensory sicknesses and gynaecological problems. However, Felix Bath is perfect for relaxing and winding down as well.

There are pools for the whole family: wellness pools, kids’ pools and a five-lane water slide. If you get bored of the water, then you can try out the outdoor sports as well. You can admire the colourful water lilies in the lakes nearby, which were cultivated by the Turks in the area neighbouring Nagyvárad (Oradea).


Maroshévíz lies between the Gyergyó-, Görgény- and Kelemen Mountains, where the spring water is lukewarm and fizzy. The Bánffy and Urmánczy Baths belonged to noble families in the past, but they were neglected during the communist era. In the recent years it was renovated, so today a modern bath awaits guests to try their various services. Drinking the Maroshévíz waters is recommended for treating stomach sicknesses, while bathing in them cures cardiac- and vascular system related problems and high blood pressure.

Wellness centre – Parajd

The salt mine of Parajd is worth a visit: it is mysteriously beautiful and has the best salt in the region, containing 84 minerals and primordial sea mud. The Parajd Wellness centre, which was opened in 2015, puts the healing powers of salt to use. The centre’s most valuable treasure is the thermal water, coming from the deepness of 1000 meters, and having high levels of salt and minerals. The thermal water is great for treating joint and muscle sicknesses, for dermatological and gynaecological problems. The wellness treatments are also excellent, and there are presentations on healthy lifestyle. A great plus is the green area of the wellness centre.

Szováta Bath (pictured above)

This bath was built on the shores of the Bear Lake, so you can do some sight-seeing if you’re here. Numerous wood villas were built during the previous turn of the century around the lake, which are worth checking out. As the water is rich in salt, the lake is often called the “Dead Sea of Transylvania”. If you prefer admiring the view in a very relaxed, yet special way, then you can try floating on the water. The water’s temperature sometimes rises up to 35°C degrees and the salt cures musculoskeletal- and skin diseases. The mud in the lake is used as mud-pack, since it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory attributes.

Aqualand – Déva

Make sure to check out the castle of Deva, and after you’re done with that, visit the city’s nicely equipped spa complex. Aqualand is one of the most modern spas in Transylvania, which was built a couple years ago, containing seven pools of different sizes and depths.

The spa is very spacious, with altogether 1500 square meters of heated floors next to the pools. Age is never a problem here: there are swimming pools, surf-baths and bubble baths. Modern and tasteful equipment, showers and hydro massage guarantee your well-deserved relaxation. There are pools for kids with slides; saunas and wellness treatments for adults.


This is the smallest, yet the most well-known town in Harghita county. Tusnádfürdő is in the southern region of the county and became officially a town in 1968. The town is famous for its festival, but the bath is worth checking out too. We recommend visiting this spa for the clear air, the breath-taking view, the mineral waters and the mofettes.

The water here is great for treating cardiac and vascular system problems, muscle system sicknesses, stomach and bowel problems. The bath at Tusnádfürdő is quite popular since it is not only perfect for winding down, but it is also the most beautiful sanatoriums of Harghita county.

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