Three Extraordinary Gentlemen Behind Budapest's Hottest New Fine Dining Restaurant

  • 16 Aug 2017 8:58 AM
Three Extraordinary Gentlemen Behind Budapest's Hottest New Fine Dining Restaurant
"We were ready for the next level. It was time to take our innovative product abroad and help put haute Mediterranean dishes on the gastronomical map of Budapest. Me and my team want to help develop the Mediterranean cuisine’s reputation globally so that top foodies all over the world will see what we're doing.” says Marvin Gauci, the owner of the restaurant.

Speaking with this unpretentious 38-year-old superstar chef and owner of multiple restaurants makes one believe in the old adage of the power of positive thinking. Marvin still finds joy and satisfaction in this business even with the responsibility of owning and running five restaurants, flying back and forth between Malta and Budapest and helping to increase the overall awareness of Maltese cuisine on the global gastronomic stage.

The restaurant is located adjacent to Corinthia Hotel Budapest, just off the Grand Boulevard in the centre of the city, ran by three extraordinary gentlemen, László Kézdi-Schalchta, Sergi Huerga Marin, the head chef and Marvin himself. The trio’s history goes way back to Malta, where their love for gastronomy and expertise brought them together.

Their role in Caviar&Bull’s success is indubitable. You can find chef Sergi explaining the elements of the degustation menu to guests at the table, László filleting a fish in front of a table and Marvin pouring liquid nitrogen as an additional show element for plating.

“The past three years has seen us successfully entertain more than eighty thousand guests, prepare countless unique dishes, and achieve numerous recognitions and awards. Notwithstanding the fact that there is room for further growth for Caviar&Bull on the island, we believe that the concept can develop further beyond the shores of Malta.” Explains László, Marvin’s business partner and Caviar&Bull Budapest’s general manager.

"That’s right, a big part of this business is confidence, and let's face it we don’t lack it" said Marvin, adding that with the support of his team, wife, family he was convinced the concepts and charm that worked well in Malta in all four of his restaurants for a population of 400,000 would be just as successful in a bigger city in the middle of Europe.

With respect to the fusing of the Maltese and Hungarian cuisines, Marvin Gauci replies that it was quite simple: “remove some of the ingredients and substitute with new Hungarian flavors.” For example, the original Foie Gras from the Maltese menu was served with molecular caviar made of honey, but now, it is made from sweet Tokaj wine and the Beef Tartare is made with the inclusion of gherkins and paprika, which were not in the original Maltese recipe.

There are not so many differences between the new Budapest restaurant and the original in Malta, but many aspects of ‘Hungarian- ness’ have been seamlessly incorporated, such as the use of the local grey cattle, Mangalica pig, Foie gras, paprika and Tokaj wine, enhancing the dishes overall.

“As we speak, we are actually re-inventing some Hungarian recipes and the result will be quite cool and very dramatic. This is what people want. It’s like a surprise.” As Marvin Gauci himself is admittedly a ‘day-to-day’ kind of guy, we can surely expect a lot more surprises from this extraordinary entrepreneur’s restaurant in the near future.

Besides Caviar&Bull Budapest Marvin also runs the popular St Paul's Bay restaurant Tarragon – probably the most awarded restaurant in Malta's restaurant history, the Budapest restaurant’s Maltese sister hotel, he also recently opened Buddhamann, an Asian influenced eatery and the latest venture he started is Dinner in the Sky.

The launch of Caviar&Bull at the heart of Budapest earlier this year is in line with the management’s strategy to develop the brand overseas. The place is a real gem which walks on the footsteps of its Maltese counterpart yet ensures a clear Hungarian imprint in its design as well as in the menu.

Local fresh ingredients, sourced from the best suppliers harmoniously coexist with Caviar&Bull signature dishes and key staples of Hungarian cuisine such as the use of the local grey cattle, Mangalica pig, Foie gras, paprika and Tokaj wine.

Irrespective of the occasion, Caviar&Bull Budapest is the place to be. Call your family and friends and join us at Caviar&Bull for a unique atmosphere and culinary experience.

Right after opening Caviar&Bull has earned a respectable position on TripAdvisor, currently ranked as the top restaurant in Budapest.

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