Top 5 Christmas Cocktails For Any Season

  • 16 Aug 2017 6:10 AM
Top 5 Christmas Cocktails For Any Season
They say that Christmas comes but once a year, however that’s not strictly true if you happened to visit Sziget 2017. Like us you probably saw a winter wonderland in the shape of The Christmas Cocktail Bar. In case you didn’t dare take a sip of one of the fine festive drinks, we tried a few in order to report back to you…

Situated a few minutes’ walk from the Main Stage, this snazzy little establishment - all decked-out in Christmas decorations - enthralled festival goers from all across the globe. The brain-child of Tomi Mócsány, his idea was to bring a Christmas feeling to everyone at Sziget Festival this summer.

It may seem like a crazy concept, but I was delighted to see many happy customers enjoying their Santa inspired cocktails - see below. The bad news? Sziget is over already, so the friendly Christmas Cocktail Bar staff have packed up their fusion of flavours for now. The good news: Tomi plans to keep his idea alive by appearing at various venues around Hungary in the lead up to Christmas.

So you see it’s worth knowing about the top five Christmas cocktails that @expatsintheloop enjoyed at Sziget, as we hope you may also get to try a ‘Mo-hohoho-jito’ or a ‘Gin-gle Bells’ in the near future when Tomi pops up somewhere near you to share some early Xmas cheer.


A clever Christmas twist on a classic cocktail ‘The Mojito’ that is enjoyed by millions in bars and on beaches every day around the world. Beginning with a base of the finest white rum, the enthusiastic bar team added and crushed fresh mint leaves, bubbling soda, luscious lime juice, a fair touch of ice, a table spoon or two of sweet stuff, plus a couple of star anise and a dusting of icing sugar for a fittingly impressive result. Highly recommended.

Santa Special

If you need a quick blast of liquid energy then look no further than this truly special concoction. One that will soon become a famous or infamous local cocktail, served in its own little red Santa jacket. Filled to the brim with ice, red bull & Imperial Russian vodka, plus secret seasonal stuff, it won’t just give you wings but it will turn you into a roaring 747.

Smoky Coke

The favourite drink of the night for both me and my little helper (ok my photographer). This one is pretty straight forward. First they empty in a bucket-load of Jack Daniel’s special honey flavoured bourbon, and follow that with a good few dashes of coca cola, then to finish it all off place a cinnamon stick on top of the drink, and dust off with icing sugar. This tasty masterpiece goes down so well you might immediately order another, we did, friends did - literally in buckets...

Gin-gle Bells

Yep, you guessed it, there’s a lot of gin in this one, a seasonal take on a well-known cocktail, and quality is assured by Sapphire Bombay. Perfect for G&T fans to feel feastive, and help any occasion to ‘gin-gle all the way’. Okay, yep, enough said, let’s move on to the last but not least on the list from Budapest’s ‘Island of Freedom’...

Snow Island Icetea

This packs an even greater punch than it’s Long Island namesake. Just about every alcoholic tipple possible goes into this spectacular show-stopper. Gin, vodka, rum, tequila... served with a merciful splash of cola plus a few Xmas ingredients, it will have you seeing stars well before you see the Main Stage act.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s delicious but I wouldn’t recommend starting your night with it, rather try any or all of the four above first, and then have a go at this powerful number. You see you might not need another drink afterwards it’s so strong, but "you can’t taste the alcohol", a brave choice yet very satisfying and inspiring.

Words by Joe McCann for

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