5 Top Hipster Hang-Outs In Hungary

  • 21 Sep 2017 12:40 PM
5 Top Hipster Hang-Outs In Hungary
Reuben Dangoor famously released his anti-hipster anthem ‘Being A Dickhead’s Cool’ in response to the gentrification of London’s East End. That track came out in 2010, and whilst the hipster influx has been a while in coming to Hungary, over the last few years a fair few ‘so hip-it-hurts’ spots have opened here. So if you like artisan food and drink, vintage clothing, Viking beards... and want to sample the local hipster subculture, check out these top tips compiled by @expatsintheloop

This is Melbourne Too

On the way out to Romai, this coffee aficionado’s paradise is a perfect blend of hipster vibes and a laid-back vintage atmosphere. Owned by the people behind My Little Melbourne & Green Cup in downtown Budapest, this spot offers mouth-watering snacks and the best mug of java this side of Brooklyn.

The café is built inside a storage container, with beach chairs to relax in during the summer, could it get anymore hipster than that?

Go for: The Pecan Pie
Go to: Budapest, Gázgyár u. 3, 1031

Roots Bar & Tattoo

This bar-slash-café-slash-record shop-slash-book store-slash-tattoo parlour(!) has recently exploded onto the Hungarian hipster scene. It's located on the site of an old DVD rental place (yep young hipsters before Netflix and downloads we had to make do with renting films) that I frequented in my early days in Budapest.

Roots is an excellent little joint with craft beers and an incredible vinyl record collection. Pull out an indie classic, put it on and chill out with an IPA, or a great coffee. If you’re feeling brave go in for some afternoon ink and leave with a permanent hipster masterpiece.

Go for: Brewdog Punk IPA
Go to: Budapest, Király u. 77, 1077

Teddy Beer

So this place isn’t in Budapest but I feel it really deserves a shout out. Hipster’s galore make the pilgrimage here via the HEV to Teddy Beer’s tiny bar and terrace. To be different you could take the 2 hour bike ride there from the city.

Anyway once you step into this bit of hipster heaven you will find an incredible tap and bottle shop that has few rivals even in the big city. A word of caution, food isn’t the greatest at Teddy’s, so go full or be happy with an exquisite liquid lunch / afternoon / evening.

Go for: The countless craft bottles
Go to: Szentendre, Péter Pál u. 2, 2000

The jewel in Budapest’s hipster crown, Telep bar doubles as an art gallery. Also if you need a handmade backpack or a longboard then stumble down to their basement during weekdays. I once ordered a Club Mate Cola in here and the barmaid almost died with excitement as I had heard of a drink that has been a hipster staple for years.

To be fair I have had many a great night at Telep, and met some wonderfully creative and some outrageous people. They have excellent Deejay’s, brilliant food and an exceptionally good spirts selection.

Go for: The local artwork upstairs
Go to: Budapest, Madách Imre út 8, 1075


Literally just across the street from Telep, this is a very cool joint with a minimalist menu, electronic tunes, even cooler huskies, and hipsters on laptops milking the free wi-fi - Kozpont is as much of a \must see' as a must be in this top 5.

Worth going as it’s very affordable, boasts a tender young crowd and friendly bar staff who are happy to show you the ropes of local hipster culture.

Go for: The Bottled Szent András
Go to: Budapest, Madách Imre út 5, 1075

Words by Joe McCann for XpatLoop.com

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