Restaurant Review: Mezcal - "Disgusting Concoctions"

  • 28 Sep 2017 8:58 AM
Restaurant Review: Mezcal - "Disgusting Concoctions"
Written by Mr. Yuzu. As the name would suggest, it’s a Mexican place. Although I didn’t see any mezcal on the menu. But let that be the only problem with this restaurant. Did I say restaurant? Sorry. My bad. I meant to say sh*thole!

For one, it makes me not want to write reviews because I’m sick of writing so many negative ones. On the other hand, it makes me type furiously. I can’t get this online fast enough because every second this place is making “Mexican” food, it’s disgracing all the fantastic Mexican places I’ve had delicious food at.

We picked this place from as one of the top ten Mexican restaurants in Budapest. What a mistake! I’m starting to question the tasting capability of people who are working there. This isn’t the first time we ate at a restaurant based on their recommendation, and it was pretty awful. I don’t even know how they make a top 10 anything. There aren’t that many good restaurants in the whole country in any given genre. Maybe Italian and Turkish.

In any case. We ordered a chili con carne enchilada for an appetizer. I was pleasantly surprised because it wasn’t horrible. Although it was a far cry from an actual enchilada, but it sort of resembled one. I had an enchilada like this before in North Carolina, at a gas station. It was a buck fifty and the fat lady behind the counter microwaved it for me on high for 2 minutes.

Our main courses (main pic) consisted of a chicken/chorizo fajita and a tequila/cilantro/lime marinated filet mignon with fries and Mexican rice. I asked them to switch the fries for grilled vegetables.

The fajita had seemingly all the ingredients. Sour cream, refried beans, rice, chopped tomatoes and lettuce on the side. They gave me one tortilla. Usually, it comes with 5-6 small ones. But that’s really besides the point. I don’t even know how to continue. It was such a clusterf@*k of sh*ttyness!

The chorizo was ordinary Hungarian sausage, there were carrots and potatoes and onions mixed together with the chicken and sausage. Mexican food doesn’t even use carrots unless it’s in a soup or pickled with jalapenos. The whole thing was topped with, what I can best describe as Uncle Ben’s teriyaki sauce!

If I have to explain how that has nothing to do with a fajita than you should go eat at this place. You’ll love it.

I was so hungry that at first, I didn’t even realize that we got a mediocre quality flank steak instead of a filet. It was obviously not marinated in anything. It was cooked relatively well though. The meat quality wasn’t that great it was rather tough. There was some sort of spicy toast underneath it. We tried to guess why but couldn’t come up with anything.

In a rather large bowl was the snot of a monster that only snorts lemon tick-tacks. I’m assuming that was supposed to be the marinade. Wow! What a disgusting concoction of citrusy sweet goop. The grilled vegetables had the same Uncle Bens sauce as the fajita.

I told this all to the waiter who hurriedly told it to the manager I assume. After which they did nothing. Not even an apology or offered to take something off the bill. Nothing.

Even if we look at this meal from purely an enjoyment value, it’s pretty bad. If we look at it from a Mexican food point of view, then it’s as much of a fraud as Michael Jackson’s skin color.

It makes me sad that this passes in Budapest as Mexican food. Let alone it making it on a top ten list. The only list this makes in my book is my sh*tlist. At least they have ample amounts of toilet paper in their bathroom.

Tompa u. 14, 1094 Budapest

Republished with permission

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