WAMP Design Fair DIY Day: 'Let’s Create Together', 19 November

  • 16 Nov 2017 11:51 AM
WAMP Design Fair DIY Day: 'Let’s Create Together', 19 November
The organisers invite Xpats: In November we are already getting in the mood for winter and preparing for the festive season. So does WAMP which will hold a grand DIY day where visitors can create their own presents with the help of professional designers. If you love decorating your home with handmade personal items created by yourself, or if you would like to make your own unique jewellery, accessories or presents, join WAMP fair at 19 November at Millenáris Hall B.

Beyond the already well-known, more than 150 creators you will meet a bunch of new exhibitors as well who will present their work at WAMP for the first time.

Photographer Sára Révai started to use camera when she was 14 and never really stopped it since then only for that time when she takes care of their poultry, goats and horses at their farm in Szentendre. The brand HangOn Photo collects Sára’s unique art photos and offers them as a distinctive piece of decoration for homes, offices or hotels.

Be a designer yourself! At the interactive website of VENGRU you can design each elements of your desired bag with a 3D design program, so the outcome will be a truly custom-made personalized item. If you have a creative spirit and look for long-lasting solutions, then start to design your own bag!

Ágnes Kovács, the designer of the brand AGNESKOVACS creates her extravagant bags usually from one single piece of leather. She prefers simplicity even though simple looking things are the hardest to create. It is important for her that the materials she uses should keep their own character, therefore she uses a distinctive technique where she only folds, bends and fix the leather by stitching.

After earning huge success in the biggest European cities these handcrafted, premium quality leather bags will be finally available at WAMP too.

The recently launched Stilshop which is the offline shop of the most popular design blog Stilblog, will present a wide selection of Hungarian design products with a emphasis on unique paperware and gift products. Petra Hoffman, the writer of the blog and the owner of the shop has focused on pure, natural and minimalist style while selecting the products for her shop, which she will now offer at WAMP too.

Workshops with WAMP designers
Once you are done with shopping you can live out your creativity too at the fair. Create your own handmade products during the whole day at Millenáris Hall B with the help of WAMP designers. The number of the participants of the workshops are limited, you can register at one of our hostesses on the spot. There will be 8 different workshops throughout the day, among others you can make your own jewellery, calendar, recycled accessories and winter home decoration.

Judit Varga: DEKOR-ÁLOM – Book dedication 10-11 am
Judit Varga is a home decorator and the writer of the well-known Juditu blog. She inspires her reader day by day with fresh new ideas in the field of home decoration lifestyle and fashion. Her first book published by BOOK Kiadó is more than just a simple DIY guide, it is for women who enjoy creating and making their own personal accessories and home decoration. The book contains 20 simple decorating ideas which can be realized in a few steps, so beginner creators will be also able to achieve them.

The designer of the Month in November is The Naan Design
The designer of the brand The Naan Design is Natasa Litvin. The handcrafted premium leather jewellery, accessories and bags are primarily for urban women preferring elegant and modern style.

Entry for the fair is 500 HUF which can be used as a voucher and ensures free entry to all workshops at the fair. Moreover we will welcome the first 500 visitors with delicious WAMP candies made by Cukorka - Sweetfabric Budapest.

Venue: Millenáris Hall B
1024 Budapest, Kis Rókus u. 16-20.

Opening hours
10 am – 6pm

Entry fee
500 HUF which can be used as a voucher.


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