The Entrendeurs Budapest 3.0 Helps Foreigners Living In Hungary To Become Entrepreneurs

  • 11 Dec 2017 8:54 AM
The Entrendeurs Budapest 3.0 Helps Foreigners Living In Hungary To Become Entrepreneurs
The Entrendeurs Budapest 3.0 educational and mentorprogram provides support for talented and creative young foreigners living in Hungary to implement their entrepreneurial plans. The program that was organized for the 3rd time this year contributed to the implementation of numerous innovative entrepreneurial ideas.

The Subjective Values Foundation organized the Entrendeurs Budapest project (Entrendeurs Budapest) for the 3rd time between September 2016 and November 2017, which aims to help realize the entrepreneurial ideas of youngsters originally coming from outside the European Union, but currently living in Hungary, thus increasing the chance of these young foreigners on the labor market, and also their chance of social integration.

Youngsters who were planning to develop their ideas into enterprises or who wanted to develop their already existing businesses could participate in the program which was established with the support of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.

Young people coming from the 3rd countries, and living in ours now have numerous innovative entrepreneurial ideas, but they are hardly aware of the process of implementation, of its possibilities and obstacles.

The lack of knowledge of the legal system, the institutional system and the Hungarian language complicates the launch of the enterprises even more. The Entrendeurs Budapest program helps them to resolve these difficulties.

Many young participants of the program are thinking in a more traditional business activity: they would open a car dealership, an online shoe store or a real estate agency.

Others are planning to make good use of their knowledge coming from their national identity: they would fund a yoga studio, a capoeira club or a spanish-speaking kindergarten.

Again others try to make for foreigners living and finding their way around easier here in Hungary and they build their enterprises on this service: a service offering free programs in Budapest (, an enterprise helping foreign students doing their further studies in Hungary (

Creative solutions are provided by a photographer too whos launch was also supported by the program (, or by a business offering unique design t-shirts (

The participants of the project could get the necessary knowledge to start and operate az enterprise on weekend workshops: they could acquire basic entrepreneurial skills & knowledge, get information in financial topics and on marketing, and they also got help to create the company’s website.

Candidates were also helped by a mentorprogram to survey the domestic market conditions to develop their own ideas.

The entrepreneurial plans based on the acquired knowledge were presented to each other and to those who were potentially interested on four club days. In addition, participants have been actively supported in establishing business relationships both int he circles of entrepreneurs and investors.

Source: The Entrendeurs Budapest 3.0

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