‘Black’ Exhibition, Várfok Gallery

  • 15 Feb 2018 8:22 AM
‘Black’ Exhibition, Várfok Gallery
The exhibition is open: until 10 March 2018, from Tuesday to Saturday between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Due to technical issues the gallery will be closed between the Thursday and Saturday of the 22th and 24th February, 2018.

The next show of the Várfok Gallery is a group exhibition that has its main axis determined by the inquiry about the role of the colour black in contemporary Hungarian art through selected works from the Gallery’s permanent artist circle.

Exhibiting artists: Franyo Aatoth, Ákos Czigány, Françoise, Gilot, László Győrffy, Levente Herman, Tamás Jovanovics, El Kazovsky, Károly Keserü, Mátyás Misetics, László Mulasics, Anna Nemes, Endre Rozsda, János Szirtes, Péter Ujházi, Róbert Várady.

The exhibition poses an exciting circle of questions through which we can talk about the re-emerging problem in cultural and art history of black, as a colour, as a present entity, as matter of a collective consciousness and as an aesthetical phenomenon filled with uniquely rich symbolism.

Since the origin of Mankind, black, as the most ancient colour - or according to the modern colour theory and its achromatic nature, not even a real colour - has been saturated with numerous negative and positive connotations, and bears meanings and associations forged through the years.

It is the world’s Alpha, the original, light-absorbing darkness, but at the same time the fertile base, in that light and life can unfold itself. It expresses the demonic realm of the Evil, the pitch-black night, nightmares and fears, not even mentioning about the darkness of death, pain and grief.

However, at the same time, it represents humbleness, simplicity, grace and elegance. Black is also a tool to expand universally the dimensions of space and time or, on the contrary, to express the complete lack of these qualities.

Since Malevic’s ‘Black Square’, the Rothko-chapel, Ad Reinhardt, Frank Stella or the lifework of Pierre Soulage, the power of black is unquestionable.

In iconic pieces of art it has been used to express perfect reduction, getting back to basics and to remove every superfluous frill. For some it has become the symbol of a dimension’s endpoint and, at the opposite extreme, the fundamental emblem of nothingness and non-existence.

Beside transmitting individual and collective, metaphysical and existential ideas, it is connected with such decisive questions of the 20th century such as the justification of abstract tendencies, liberating and thinking about the very core and essence of art itself.

Its importance lives on doubtlessly in contemporary art as well and, artist by artist, it plays a different role, somewhere in the conscience, and, by others, in more of an unconscious way.

We are inviting You to a thought-provoking exhibition, where visitors can contemplate these questions amongst selected works of the Várfok Gallery’s artists.

Venue: Várfok Galéria

Address: 1012 Budapest, Várfok utca 11.

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