Local Opinion: Another Post-Electoral Nightmare Scenario

  • 4 Apr 2018 9:12 AM
  • BudaPost
Local Opinion: Another Post-Electoral Nightmare Scenario
In the latest installment of an exchange of accusations with both sides accusing the other of planning reprisals, a pro-government analyst sketches a tragic picture of what Hungary might look like, in the unlikely event of an opposition victory in the parliamentary election. 

In Magyar Idők, sociologist Bálint Botond warns that in case the disparate forces of the opposition manage to defeat the governing parties, the resulting chaos would engulf political and everyday life.

Due to their sharp divergences on almost all issues, he explains, they would probably have to appoint a government of experts.

The so–called experts, he continues, belong to the ‘global political and economic élite’, hence their appointment would ‘immediately transform Hungary into a province of the United States or rather of the European Empire’.

The outcome would be similar even if the new government were to be headed by one of the opposition leaders, he suggests. That person would have to satisfy the most diverging demands of his coalition partners and therefore wold be weak.

Such a weak Prime Minister could not defend Hungary’s interests in the European Union and would allow ‘ten thousand migrants to be relocated to Hungary by the summer’ he fumes.

Botond also speculates that the new government would try and divert attention from such events by launching a witch-hunt against Fidesz officials and by sacking the bulk of public servants.

‘All this is pure fiction’, Botond admits, but warns his readers that if they don’t want that scenario to come true, they should vote for the governing parties on April 8.

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