Cseriti Sells Unwanted Goods For Charity

  • 11 May 2018 7:12 AM
Cseriti Sells Unwanted Goods For Charity
Cseriti is the biggest charity shop chain in Hungary, and so you can find just about everything there, from books to tablecloths to queen-size beds at an affordable price. Also it's a great place to drop off your unwanted goods, and support charity in the process.

No matter who you are – an established treasure hunter, or someone who just moved to Budapest – you can find everything you need for your household here, on the cheap. 

Zsuzsanna Németh, a Cseriti shop manager for two years says, “We have many foreigner customers. Once a customer comes in, they usually become our regular guest. Thanks to our donors, we offer a wide range of products; one can find almost anything here.

Our donors are happy that they do not need the hassle of unused items cluttering their homes. They do not need to throw these items away, but with the help of Cseriti these items find new owners. Here, everybody donates with a smile. It’s because of these moments that I like to work here.”

The Cseriti operation is simple: people bring in and offer up for sale their unused personal household objects which can be valuable to others. These objects are selected, cleaned, repaired and sold under the market price mainly to citizens in need, and to some extent to conscious shoppers and treasure hunters.  

Why it's good to use Cseriti

The buyer in Cseriti benefits for many reasons, but mainly because she/he can get what she/he needs at a discount price. The person who donates does good to society as well as for the environment, since this way she/he contributes to a more equitable and more sustainable world. The reuse of the objects mainly improves the quality of living of the poor and also reduces the quantity of garbage and thus the environmental impact.

“Cseriti is the oldest and largest charity shop chain in Hungary, consisting of 9 shops in Budapest. It has been in operation since 2011. In the last 7 years, 1.200 tons of furniture and household items were passed to more than 100.000 low-income citizens, who saved more than HUF 200 million with our help.

With our operation we created 20 workplaces mainly for underprivileged employees. With our operation, we aim to make everybody win and create a more just and environmentally conscious world,“ says Gábor Sáhy, managing director and co-owner.

How to donate? 

"Give with full heart, this is the most important!" say the management. "Bring in your items to any Cseriti shop, or offer them through our webpage. In Budapest, Cseriti is the only donation collecting service which can transport larger objects with its own fleet for a flat price."

“No matter if you give, or you buy, you do good!” we're told.

Click here for the location of Cseriti shops 

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