Animal Rescue Centre Opened @ Budapest Zoo

  • 3 Dec 2018 10:21 AM
Animal Rescue Centre Opened @ Budapest Zoo
The Zoo has been involved in rescuing injured birds and small mammals for a long time. In the new Rescue Centre the public can view the entire rescue process.

As part of its extensive nature protection work, the Budapest Zoo has been involved in rescuing specimens of native protected wild species that need human assistance for some reason for decades.

This means rescuing storks with broken wings, poisoned eagles, orphaned baby squirrels and other animals. The zoo heals injured and sick animals, raises up orphaned ones and makes the weak strong again so they are able to survive later without any human assistance. And later they release them into their natural habitat.

There are some 1500-2000 rescued animals each year; the majority of them are birds, but there are also many small mammals amongst them, even turtles and reptiles and amphibians needing protection.

The "Hedgehog" Animal Rescue Centre, opened recently, is the centre of these rescue efforts. The facility has been designed to let the public to have an insight in the rescue work. Vets examining and healing the animals, as well as the keepers taking care of them, can be seen at work via a glass wall.

Source & Photo: / Bagosi Zoltán

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