Tips For Year-End Trips From Budapest Airport

  • 20 Dec 2018 1:06 PM
Tips For Year-End Trips From Budapest Airport
Budapest Airport wishes to draw passengers’ attention to some practical information that may come in handy during your trip or the holiday preparations.

* As a first step, it is a good idea to download the Budapest Airport mobile app so that you have access to information on what is currently offered, the latest flight information, and other useful tips.

*  To make security screening faster, you may find it useful to visit BUD’s website in advance to see what you may bring to the airport and on board and what you must definitely leave at home.

* With the holiday season approaching, it must be noted that fireworks and sparklers are prohibited items, they are not allowed on board either in cabin baggage or in hold baggage, and so they will be confiscated or you will be asked to dispose of them at the airport.

* A lot of people travel by air from Budapest during the holiday season at the end of December, therefore you should arrive at the airport earlier than usual to make sure you are cleared through security in time. The worst that may happen to those coming to the airport early is having time for a coffee or shopping in peace before boarding.

* The time spent at the airport is great not only for relaxing and gearing up for the journey, but also for purchasing some missing gifts. A wide variety of Hungarian and international premium brands is available and you can shop without having to worry about the weight limit: products purchased in the SkyCourt (after security screening), including beverages purchased for gifts, can be taken on board all flights in excess of your airline limits.

Budapest Airport is making continuous efforts to enhance the airport services: projects with a price tag over 700 million EUR in total will be implemented at the airport during the next five years. Our most important objective is – besides maintaining a secure airport environment – to make your journey as comfortable and smooth as possible.

In the coming years, terminal services will be upgraded, airport infrastructure will be enhanced, terminal capacities will be extended, and work on designing a third terminal will continue. These developments will also contribute to the continuous enhancement of our services, meeting the demand and requirements of a continuously growing number of passengers.

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