Deák St. Kitchen Presents New Autumn-Winter Menu

  • 22 Nov 2018 2:40 PM
Deák St. Kitchen Presents New Autumn-Winter Menu
’Redeveloped traditional Hungarian cuisine’ is the secret behind Deák St. Kitchen’s new autumn-winter menu concept. With redefined, modern and artisan dishes the multiple award-winning restaurant is ready to awe its guests and customers during the colder months.

With the arrival of chilly weather, chefs of Deák St. Kitchen are eagerly brainstorming about ideas and inspirations of a new menu. Twice a year they come up with the most unique, local and freshest offers that perfectly correspond to the season and produce.

The team has always laid emphasis on sourcing all possible ingredients locally, but this time the main keyword is ’tradition’ that shines through most their latest creations with a touch of glamour.

They have taken one of Hungary’s oldest and simplest recipe, the Rakott Krumpli, only to completely deconstruct it and build it again in a modern format. And the result is a truly fabulous dish that won’t disappoint even the deepest believers of this all-time favourite, traditional meal.

An elegantly layered potato with a crispy outside and soft and fluffy inside texture, with a home-made sausage, a 65 degree poached egg, a delicious sausage foam, topped with sausage crumble.

Another signature recipe was influenced by the grandmother of the restaurant`s talented Chef de Cuisine, Robert Sugár. His grandma’s traditional red bean soup will be one of the highlights of the menu with a little twist.

When creating a new dish, the three most important factors that we take into consideration is texture, flavour profile and presentation. – says Matthew Piercy, Executive Chef of The Ritz-Carlton, Budapest.

At Deák St. Kitchen the team has recently started dry-aging their own meat resulting in more tender and flavourful cuts of beef.

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