MCC's Budapest Summit On Migration, 22 - 24 March

  • 19 Mar 2019 6:13 AM
MCC's Budapest Summit On Migration, 22 - 24 March
Without a doubt one of the most crucial questions influencing the destiny of 21st Century Europe is the phenomenon of Migration.

MCC's Budapest Summit on Migration is a ground-breaking initiative, aiming to bring together an elite circle of former and current decision makers, diplomats, academics, experts, as well as influencers, media and public figures from all around the globe, in order to discuss the issue of Migration in a credible, highly professional manner.

Among speakers of the conference:
- Ms Ayaan Hirsi Ali – founding president of AHA foundation, scholar at Harvard and Stanford University
- Mr Douglas Murray – founder of Centre for Social Cohesion think tank, Associate Editor of The Spectator
- Mosab Hassan Yousef – a former undercover agent of Shin Bet, Israel Security Agency in Hamas
- Mr Aimen Dean – former undercover agent at MI6 within Al-Qaed
- Prof. George J. Borjas – Robert W. Scrivner Professor of Economics and Social Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School

List of speakers available here

Detailed program:

Friday, 22 March 2019

14:30 – 16:15 Section 1
Migration as the decisive challenge of the 21st century

16:40 – 19:55 Section 2
Social, Economic and Climate Reasons Behind Migration

20:15 – 21:45
Debate: THW introduce zero tolerance immigration policy.

Saturday 23 March 2019

9:30 – 12:25 Section 1
Active and former politicians

12:25 – 17:00 Section 2
Long Term Social, Economic and General Effects of Migration

17:20 – 19:05 Section 3
A Challenge of Our Civilisation and the Future of the EU

Sunday 24 March 2019

9:30 – 9:50 Keynote speech

9:50 – 12:55 Section 1
Security Challenges of Migration and the Importance of Borders

13:55 – 17:05 Section 2
Possible Solutions to Manage Migration

18:00 – 20:00Debate: THBT Sharia law is irreconcilable with democracy.

Várkert Bazár
1013 Budapest, Ybl Miklós square 2-6.

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The event is organised by Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC), a pre-eminent extracurricular educational institution in Hungary, with an outstanding reputation for academic excellence.

MCC with more than twenty years of experience in talent management aims to raise a critical-thinking, exceptional intelligentsia, willing to address contemporary challenges with a deep sense of responsibility.

In light of this, organising a series of unique, future-oriented programmes is a main pillar of MCC's mission.

Source: Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC)

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