7 Top Playgrounds In Budapest

  • 4 Apr 2019 10:31 AM
7 Top Playgrounds In Budapest
Naturally outdoor play allows children to enjoy themselves while getting much-needed fresh air and physical activity. They also provide exciting learning opportunities that build a child’s self-confidence and let their creativity flourish. These top seven options for families in Budapest offer fun for children of all ages.

All these playgrounds not only provide entertainment, they also offer useful opportunities for kids to learn and develop new skills as they tackle new challenges, using their problem-solving abilities and utilising perseverance and determination.

Plus these playgrounds also offer a safe space for kids to socialise with their peers, building interpersonal skills such as sharing and collaborating. Naturally parents always need to keep a good eye on children as they play in public places.

1. Olympic Park 

A few meters away from the Danube bank, between the Parliament and Jászai Mari square is Olympic Park, whose playground, renovated in 2014, is a favourite of parents and children from the downtown area.

From the youngest children to teenagers, everyone can find an entertaining activity for themselves in the safely enclosed area. A large grassy area, a sandbox, a slide, seesaws, a creative jungle gym system, a puzzle and even a small fountain help children have a good time.

A basketball court covered with rubber slabs awaits older children on the playground equipped with a bicycle rack, a bathroom and a baby-changing unit. And if you’d like to combine walking the dog with going to the playground, there’s also an enclosed dog park in the park for our four-legged friends.

Address: 1055 Budapest, Olympic Park

2. Nehru Park

The other playground on the Danube bank, offering a beautiful view, is on the Nehru bank, next to Bálna.

The terrain, covered with rubber slabs, is perfectly suited for playing tag. Beside various excitingly structured jungle gyms, climbing walls with nets, slides, sandboxes and swings and a soccer field, an outdoor fitness park also await families wishing to relax.

Address: Budapest, Nehru bank, 1093

3. Károlyi Garden

It’s not easy to find a place for recreation and games in the bustle of the downtown area. The small paths of the Károlyi Garden, flanked by bushes and trees, offer every little explorer a true adventure.

On weekday mornings, the closed playground is the territory of kindergartners from the district, but all children are welcome in the afternoons and on weekends.

Address: 1053 Budapest, Károlyi st. 16.

4. Zöld Péter Playground

The Zöld Péter Playground in Millenáris was renovated in 2017, so that the most popular playground in Buda could regain its shine. The folk tale playground, dreamed up by Boldizsár Kő, guides children to a colourful fantasy world while they ride on the backs of dragons, or discover what the castle tower is hiding.

Address: 1024 Millenáris, Budapest, Kis Rókus st.

5. Nap Hill Playground

Of course, the Buda side also offers great entertainment opportunities for those who wish to play. On Nap Hill, Pom-pom’s adventures come alive on the fairy tale playground, where tots find themselves in the world of well-known cartoon characters.

Address: 1016 Budapest, Dezső st. 11.

6. MOM Kult Playground

The MOM Kult playground is the favourite for families in the area. Children are guaranteed to have a good time among the many unique and exciting games.

Address: 1124 Budapest, Csörsz st. 18.

7. Benczúr Garden

Top tip: although it’s not easy to find, it’s worth seeking out Benczúr Garden, hiding between old apartment houses. Between the leafy trees of the remote little park, a real fairy tale town has been built, where magical games, designed by Boldizsár Kő, and a mini soccer field also await families with small children.

Address: the entrance can be found by going through Benczúr alley from the direction of Benczúr street, then following the small lane on the left.

Lead Photo: MTI-  Kovács Attila

Text source: budapestinfo.hu

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