WAMP - Design In The City, Budapest Erzsébet Square, 14 April

  • 4 Apr 2019 12:08 PM
WAMP - Design In The City, Budapest Erzsébet Square, 14 April
WAMP, the most exciting design fair in Hungary will launch its spring/summer season at 14 April downtown Budapest at Erzsébet square.

At the fair which features nearly hundred designers visitors can explore the latest spring and summer collections and trends directly by the creators.

Refresh your wardrobe or just treat yourself with a new accessories at the most vibrant avenue of Budapest near the pool under the shadow of parasols.

Winter is finally over and it is high time to go out! Whether you go for a walk in the city or discover the outskirt of the town you will need a comfortable bag. Do not forget your pet either that will be very surely grateful for a stylish, cosy handmade accessories. 

Backpackers and hikers will love the backpacks of the brand Blind Chic. Their products are not only functional and practical but also have a clear style and are incredible comfortable.

The handbags of VALBONA Leather that are made of the combination of leather and velour provide an elegant look for urban women. If you want to treat your pet with a truly stylish accessories check out Polkadog that offers colourful collars and pawls which are not only trendy but also very comfy.

If you are looking for smaller accessories to spice up your outfit you will surely find your match too either you are a romantic dreamer or  rather a fan of minimalism.

The unique, handmade jewellery of Nise design is made of exotic wood, silver and resin. In her latest collection called Treasure the designer ZEMSE paired her trademark material aluminium with the finest seashell.

The new jewels are like real women, unique, beautiful fragile and hard in the same time. The spring collection of Inventino was inspired by pure femineity. The pieces of “The Bloom” collection hold the already well-known delicate, feminine traits of the brand.

The more minimal pieces will be suitable for workdays, whereas the bolder earrings and necklaces will be perfect for special events and night-outs.

The jackets and other outfits of Ille-Olla are made for feminine yet tough women. The pieces are characterized by the functionality of Northern design paired with playfulness creating a chic, practical, modern yet classical style. Her clothes are unique, aesthetic and practical and are characterized by clear lines, bold colours, geometrical contracts providing their wearers a special and vivid look for the every days.

The Designer of the Month in Apri is Ducsai.Leather.Goods

Ducsai.Leather.Goods is a well-known Budapest brand. The designer Judit Ducsai has more than 10 years of experience. Her clear design is always on demand and she has won more professional awards as well: in 2011 she obtained the Hungarian Design Award and since 2012 each year she has gained the Lajos Kozma scholarship. She designs her products especially for casual wear, so they can make us happy every day.

The event is kid and pet friendly! 

1051 Budapest, Erzsébet square

Source: Wamp.hu

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