Budapest Based TechEmbassy Brings IT Talents, Employers Together

  • 13 May 2019 7:56 AM
  • Budapest Business Journal
Budapest Based TechEmbassy Brings IT Talents, Employers Together
An enthusiastic group of young IT professionals based in Budapest called TechEmbassy has created a vision to establish opportunities for young IT talent to help them gain a competitive edge, learning and improving throughout their career paths.

The group organizes events throughout the year to create innovative challenges, build community and to provide a platform for talents to meet like-minded people and get to know to relevant market players.

Sixty contestants in three-member teams attended the 3rd ChaosStack on March 30 in Budapest, tasked with solving six high-level IT challenges in 11 hours.

More than half of them came from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, another third from ELTE. Some 70% of the participants were university students finishing their studies in three years.

Organizers of the event series say they are trying to offer an alternative solution for the difficulties the labor market seems to face today.

“We believe that both employees and employers are lost in the labor market, that is why we tried to position ourselves as a guiding compass. We wanted to supply both young talents and companies that try to attract them with practical information,” says Bence T. Gedai, founder and CEO of TechEmbassy (pictured on top).

“We also noticed that the generation gap might require us to involve new platforms, with different features, so that the communication can evolve between the parties,” he adds.

Job opportunities in the IT field are in plentiful supply, and the room for growth in the near future is even bigger.

“Obviously the labor shortage is a huge problem, that is why we consider attracting talents with satisfying competencies and also keeping and further educating them is extremely important,” the TechEmbassy founder tells.

Tables Turned

The tables appear to have turned and today it is the companies that have to make efforts to recruit the best employees, and not vice versa.

“The world has changed a lot recently, and now the applicants monitor the employers. It is important that the brand established by companies is not only appealing, but transparent, real, and sustainable,” Gedai says.

When the newly qualified young talent hits the labor market, they often do not know what to expect, or how to navigate it.

“We see that the young talents’ lack of knowledge of the labor market is one of the biggest problems. The only thing they get to face through their university studies is the enormous need for developers. They see how much demand there is for them, but they are not provided with information about what makes a great developer, because there are only a few relevant sources,” explains Gedai.

TechEmbassy therefore tries to be the bridge between the talent pool and companies fishing for the best candidates.

“At our events we create opportunities for young professionals to put their professional knowledge to the test, push beyond the limits of their comfort zones, get to know the leading partners, and have fun while doing so.

These events are also opportunities for our partners to have a quick interview with possible candidates, to get to know more about their abilities while presenting their solutions to the tasks,” Gedai adds.

TechEmbassy’s largest event, JunctionX Budapest, is well-known by developers Europe-wide and will be held for the second time this year.

The organizers expect 400 creative developers from the international labor market and will present them to ten industrial partners, and help them with creative ideas, current business solutions, and networking opportunities in this 48-hour competition.

ChaosStack is a competition series independent of programming languages but measures the general problem-solving skills of developers. The contestants are not divided according to areas of expertise — the competition is a model of real-life programming work so participants may get tasks from backend, AI, frontend, computer vision or architecture planning as well.

The actual tasks are provided by sponsor-mentors, companies like OTP, Bosch, EPAM, Semilab, Cogito, Continental, Greenfox, or Docler.

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